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Entire Play Packages can be downloaded directly to your computer (or mobile device) using the FULL DOWNLOAD option. You'll get a LINK to a secure web page which has LINKs to download the Script, Teachers Guide, Performance License, CD insert and the CD Soundtrack Audio files.

Documents are PDF files. Download a FREE copy of Adobe Reader for viewing and printing PDF files here...

Download FREE Adobe Reader

Soundtracks are standard MP3 Audio files of the tracks on the CD.  The Audio files can be played directly on your computer via your Media Player, transferred to a portable MP3 Player, or burned onto a CD for use in your performance.

Mobile (Smartphone) Users: You can play the Audio tracks on your mobile device but you'll have to download them to your computer to burn a CD.

How to...

When you order a FULL DOWNLOAD your online RECEIPT will have a LINK ("Download", in blue) below the item name.  Your Order Confirmation email will also have the same LINK.






A Christmas Carol School Play Package DOWNLOAD (ship CD) Download << click here to download



You can send the Order Confirmation email to another computer if you like. You'll need your original Order Email & Password to access the Full Download LINK from another computer.

Click "Download" and you'll get a dialogue box to open the web page for your FULL DOWNLOAD:

OPEN -- opens the FULL DOWNLOAD web page in your Internet browser.  Follow the instructions on the web page to download the PDF Documents (STEP 1) and the MP3 Audio files (STEP 2).  You can close the web page when you have downloaded all files.

To run a test of the FULL DOWNLOAD, click below:


NOTE: If you have problems downloading the Documents or Audio files, or if you're not sure how to create the Soundtrack for use in performance, we recommend ordering the standard DOWNLOAD (or HARDCOPY) version which includes a standard audio CD.


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Great Play Scripts & Musicals for Kids!