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ArtReach's Aladdin is a lively comedy script for a large cast of kids!


 Kids Plays! Teachers, our School Play Aladdin is just what you are looking for!  Written just for a large cast of kids, Aladdin has easy dialogue and clever simple staging that involves all your students. 

 Large Cast Play for Schools!  Aladdin!

Kids Plays!"Aladdin is SO WELL WRITTEN.  It is going to be great fun to put on.  Thank you!"

Sara Takeuchi, Teacher, Taylor Elem, West Chester, OH

 Kids Love ArtReach's Aladdin!

Kids Plays! The Aladdin School Play Package gives you the rights to add songs, characters, lines and scenes!  You Also have the right to make a DVD/Video of your special show.

 Aladdin Script for Kids to Perform!

Kids Plays! "The show Aladdin was humorous and had a great story line! The cast loved what they did and it showed on their faces and in their final product. A magnificent production!"

Taylor Araujo, Life Skills Class, Pontiac High School, IL


Kids Plays! “We had first through sixth graders performing Aladdin. It’s a really charming, funny adaptation."

Holli Hornlien, Solano Youth Theatre, Vacaville, CA

 Aladdin Script for Kids to Perform!

Kids Plays! This fun adaptation of Aladdin has child-friendly dialogue and clever ideas that help you present a top notch production without expensive effects.

Kids Plays! Storytellers create all the magic of the disappearing cave, magic carpet and other magical feats.

Kids Plays! Teachers, this script and play version of Aladdin is written just for you and your students. It is a faithful adaptation of the Aladdin story.

" Kids Plays! "I LOVE your scripts - and the kids do too.  It makes life so much easier especially for our small school where I have huge turnouts for drama.  Your scripts can make stars out of kids!"

 Keith Wagner, St. Paul School, Leesburg, FL

Musicals for Children! Fast-paced and full of fun, this heart-warming children's play will carry you away to a land of enchantment.

Kids Plays! "I have been using your plays for several years and they are FANTASTIC! Your shows really allow me to let the students have so much input and really make the show their own."

Darla Senecal, Monkton Central School, VT

Recommended for Grades 1 and Up

 Musicals for Children! "There are so many roles that are perfect for kids!  Everyone got to choose a part!”

Sarah Ackerman-Hale, Spring Hill Civic Center, Paola KS

Kids Plays! "We love your easy to use scripts and short lines
for kids to memorize!"

Julie Echelmeier, Higginsville Theatre Company, Youth Theatre Academy

Musicals for Children! "You offer a great product that is affordable for our school."

JoAnna Pillsbury, Brewster Elementary, Rochester Hills MI

Kids Plays! ArtReach's School Play, Aladdin requires no professional experience in theatre. It is written in simple terms with lots of practical suggestions.

Musicals for Children! Open staging! Your gymnasium, cafeteria or any other large room is perfect.

Kids Plays! "We have performed your plays four times and I am never disappointed."

  Jane Moores, 5th grade teacher, Crisafulli School, Westford, MA

Lots of humor, fun and helpful directing tips.

 Plays and Scripts for Middle Schools! "Our Club includes 3rd through 5th graders.  We love your scripts!"

Jennifer Sypert, Floyd Elementary, Mesquite, Texas

Kids Plays! "ArtReach produces scripts that are uniquely kid and audience friendly."

David Motroni, Christian Arts CA

"We have performed 2 of your plays - both VERY successful!"

Heather Schmulian,  West Boca High


Kids Plays! Aladdin Children's Plays!
 School Play for Children to Perform

Classic Adventure Script for Schools and Family Audiences
Instant Download!  Entire School Play Package with Soundtrack Audio Files

Kids Plays! Comedy, Adventure & Fun! Just for Kids! Kids Plays!
Aladdin Script for a Large Cast of Kids! Aladdin!  School Play for Kids to Perform!
Young Aladdin Cast, Solano Youth Theatre, Vacaville, CA, 2011

Lively, fast-paced script!  Hilarious Comedy!  Easy for Kids to Learn and Memorize.  Everyone has a line, everyone has a part.

School Plays! "It's a Very Funny, Funny Show!" School Plays!Funny Play for Kids to Perform!  Aladdin! Fun for Every Kid in Your Cast!  Aladdin!
Storytellers, Persia, Genie - Monkton Central School, Vermont 

Kids Plays! Affordable School Play Package! Kids Plays!


School Plays! In a far off land a Magician seeks the magic lamp from the Cave of Wonders.  Only Aladdin and his side-kick cat Persia can pass through its doors.

Kids Plays! Brings Out in the Best in Your Kids!  Kids Plays!
Almost all parts may be played by a boy or girl! Magic carpet ride!
High School kids & Elementary kids work together to produce ArtReach’s
ALADDIN at Vergennes Union Elem School (VT)  

From the wondrous lamp the Genie appears granting Aladdin three wishes and a ride upon a magic carpet, flying off to a world of adventure.

School Plays! Lots of Fun Audience Participation! School Plays!
Scripts for Kids!  Aladdin for Children to Perform! Aladdin!  Script for Kids to Perform!
Young Aladdin Cast, Solano Youth Theatre, Vacaville, CA

"Thank you for such wonderful plays!  As you can tell, I love them because I keep ordering them!  I was elated when I saw that you had done Aladdin.  I read the whole play today and I cannot wait to put this together!"
Sara Takeuchi, Teacher, Taylor Elem, West Chester, OH

"Thank you for such wonderful plays!"
Aladdin!  Comedy Script for Kids!  Fun Easy Script for Lots of Kids!  Aladdin!
Street Peddlers, Storytellers, Every Child has a Role! Solano Youth

Aladdin longs for the love of the Princess and fights upon and land and sea to win her hand.  Just when it seems all is lost, Aladdin uses his cleverness to trick the evil Magician and save the Sultan's kingdom.

Kids Love the Funny Characters!
Magical Play for Kids to Perform!  Aladdin! Easy and Fun for Kids!  Aladdin!
Magician, Aladdin, Persia - Monkton Central School, Vermont

At last the Sultan joins Aladdin and the Princess in a joyous marriage.  For his final wish Aladdin grants the Genie his freedom and all the kingdom celebrates his victory for a...

Kids Plays! Very Happy Ending! Kids Plays!

Kids Plays! Affordable School Play Package! Kids Plays!


Kids Plays! "It's a very funny, funny show! Both kids and adults will get a big kick out of it.  It's a huge cast of kids, that's what makes it fun.  A great family adventure!"
Anthony Dost, Director, Magic Theatre, Yuba City, CA

Easy to Adapt to Your School's Needs
Scripted Drama, Curambine AU

"I am still getting accolades for Aladdin this year.  It is all because of your script which was so much fun for the kids.  They really got into it.  You make my job easy!"
Keith Wagner, Saint Paul School, Leesburg, FL

Easy for Kids to Learn, Perform & Enjoy!
Easy Script for Children to Perform!  Aladdin!  Great Play for Schools!  Aladdin!
Young Aladdin Cast, Solano Youth Theatre, Vacaville, CA

"Humorous!  Great Story!  The Cast Loved It!"
Large Cast Script for Schools!  Aladdin! Script for a Large Cast of Students!  Aladdin!
Suitors, Princess, Sultan - Monkton Central School, Vermont

The plot is true to the story and tone of Aladdin as you know it. The audience participates and is always included in the action. Sidekicks Persia the Cat, Geewiz the Magician's Assistant and two bumbling eligible Princes provide lots of laughter and fun!

"A Magnificent Production!"
Kids Come Alive in Aladdin! Large Cast Play for Children to Perform!  Aladdin!
Monkton Central School, Vermont

Kids Plays! Through audience participation, you and your young friends join Aladdin and the Genie on a thrilling Magic Carpet ride.

Kids Plays! Fast Paced and Full of Fun Kids Plays!Every Child Has A Special Moment in Aladdin! Funny Characters for Kids to Perform!  Aladdin!
Persia, Princess, Magician - Monkton Central School, Vermont

"We had two wonderful performances of Aladdin, with great success and many cheers and applause from the audiences. Your plays and sound effect CD's are very special."
Jennifer Black, Children's Theatre Company, Goderich, ON

Audience Participation & Lively Action
Kids Script Features Audience Participation!  Aladdin! Lively Comedy for Schools!  Aladdin!
Market Sellers offer goods to audience. Audience helps defeat Magician!

Adapted for Young Performers: Speeches and vocabulary are appropriate for child performers ages 6 - 12.

A Flexible Cast of 30 Students: (Doubling and extras possible.) Every role has a name and at least three spoken lines or significant movement.

Large parts are divided so that no one child becomes the "star".

About 40-45 minutes long: This children's play is long enough to be a substantial project and short enough to accommodate your teaching schedule.

Easy costumes and scenery: Many suggestions on how to create or find what you need to make a great looking production without breaking your budget.

Kids Plays! Perfect for a Large Cast of Students Kids Plays!Large Cast Play Script for Children, Students and Schools!  Aladdin!
Young Aladdin Cast, Solano Youth Theatre, Vacaville, CA

Kids Plays! "We have done your school plays for the last 5 years.
I love them! They are written so appropriately for the kids to understand and memorize."
 Karen Dietry, Plain City Elementary, Ohio

Kids Plays! Affordable School Play Package! Kids Plays!



Kids Plays! Aladdin (3 Versions) Kids Plays!

School Play Version (this page)
Flexible Cast of 31 (9m, 3f, 19 m/f) for grades K-6

Medium Version
Flexible Cast of 13 (3m, 2f, 8 m/f) for grades 6-12

Touring Version
Cast of 4 (2m, 2f), for Adult Actors.

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