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ArtReach's 'Alice in Wonderland' is a fantastic script for touring!  A cast of two does it all!

 Alice in Wonderland

 Alice in Wonderland - Script for Touring

"We produced Kathryn Schultz Miller's two-person adaptation of Alice in Wonderland.  It was a great success!"

Altoona Community Theatre, School Tour, PA

Children's Touring Plays - Alice in Wonderland

  "Thank you for allowing us to produce Alice in Wonderland. It was a remarkable journey, one that I will personally cherish. And such a delightful children's play adaptation!"

J. Richard Smith, Artistic Director, Second Youth Family Theatre

 Alice in Wonderland for Young Audiences

  Producers, word of mouth among national presenters kept this play booked solid for 3 straight years!  Your local schools and national presenters will love it!

Children's Plays - Alice in Wonderland

Audience Participation! All the famous characters are here:  Alice, White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter and, of course, the Queen of Hearts.

Alice in Wonderland Script for School Tours
Quest Theatreworks, CA

True to Carroll's original, this remarkable adaptation appeals to audiences of any age!

Children's Plays - Alice in Wonderland

Take a Bow Productions, Cast of Two - Chatham, ON

"Roger Westberg has a busy time doing all the other characters; The White Rabbit, The Mad Hatter, The Caterpillar, The Queen, The Cat, and many more!"

Review, 3 Sagas, Stockholm

Children's Touring Plays - Alice in Wonderland

“This is the fourth time I have produced Alice in Wonderland and it always is received by audiences with a great deal of enthusiasm and with great reviews.”

Allen Schmeltz, Artistic Director, Stage Nine Theatre, Folsom, CA

Small Cast Plays for Children - Alice in Wonderland

"Kathryn Schultz Miller creates plays that reach the very heart of her young audience."

Haven Arts Council, Evanston, IL


Alice in Wonderland
Small Cast Script for Professional Touring Theatres!

A Cast of Two for School Tours!
Alice in Wonderland - Script for Professional Touring!
Maximteatern, Stockholm, Sweden

"We were delighted with Alice in Wonderland. We received numerous kudos!  Your script was a joy to work with!"
Allen Schmeltz, Sutter Street Theatre, Folsom, CA

Recent Professional Tour in Finland! ArtReach's Alice in Wonderland for Professional Tours!
Teatteri Imatra (Imatra City Theatre) Finland, Tim Rissanen, Artistic Dir.


Celebrity Tour in Sweden!
Poster from Maxim Theatre's Professional Tour - Starring Amy Diamond! Alice in Wonderland Script - Starring Amy Diamond in Sweden!
Starring Swedish Pop Star, Amy Diamond

"Theatrical magic! Less is more! A production that
sets the imagination of the audience in motion with old school
tricks and illusions!" 
Review, 3 Sagas, Stockholm

High Energy!  Extremely Creative!
Alice in Wonderland Play, Script for Kids! Alice in Wonderland - Script for Two Actors!

"Such a Delightful Adaptation!"
A Cast of Two Makes for a Great Touring Play!  Alice in Wonderland! Small Cast Children's Plays - Alice in Wonderland
Treasure Valley Children's Theatre, UT - ArtReach Touring Theatre, OH

A Cast of Two Does It All!
Producers, here is a perfect choice for your outreach touring program.  A cast of just two actors does it all with stunning effect!  Creative staging, audience participation and best of all - it books like a dream!

Creative Staging!  Audience Participation!
Small Cast Children's Plays - Alice in Wonderland
Second Youth Family Theatre, Touring Children's Play, Austin

"Alice in Wonderland at Garbeau's Acorn and Oak theatre for children is a delight for adults as well as for its main audience, children of all ages.  It is a fun trip down the rabbit hole!"
David Jacobson, Theatre Critic, Life Newspapers, Eldorado Hills, CA

"A Delight for Children of All Ages!"
Small Cast Touring Plays - Alice in Wonderland Cast of Two Does Alice in Wonderland!
Garbeau's Acorn and Oak Theatre CA - Treasure Valley Theatre, UT

A Cast of Two Makes an Amazing Production!

This Touring Version of Alice in Wonderland was performed hundreds of times and has been thoroughly revised and perfected. Using very few props and imaginative costume pieces, creative staging suggestions provide all you need to wow your audience with an amazing production! 

Finland Production, Cast of 2, Alice in Wonderland!

"ACT was invited to represent the USA at the 3rd Yakumo International Theatre Festival in Yakumo, Japan. ArtReach's 2-Cast Alice in Wonderland is our entry for the competition!"
Altoona Community Theatre, School Tour, PA


School Play Version!

Touring Version!

Medium Cast Version!

Alice in Wonderland
(3 Versions)

Touring Version (this page)
Cast of 2, for Adult Actors.
(1m, 1f)
Medium Version
Flexible Cast of 14 for grades 6-12
(1m, 1f, 12 m/f)
School Play Version
Flexible Cast of 24 for grades K-6
(1m, 1f, 18m/f)

Production Information


Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, Parents, Teachers, Families, Community


Small cast of 2: 1m, 1f, easily expandable


About 45 minutes


Royalty & Performance License Required (Details)

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