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ArtReach's 'I'm A Celebrity!" is a musical  playscript about self confidence and self esteem!  A perfect play for touring to schools!

Happy Kids at a Children's Play - I'm a Celebrity

"We plan to take I'm a Celebrity! as a touring production to area schools! I'm a Celebrity is a good lesson in self-esteem!"

The Troupe Theatre, St. Cloud MN

"Rarely can children of the pre-school level find such humor and enjoyment from a play!"
Eastern Educational Development, Cincinnati, OH

Three easy, songs make I'm a Celebrity! ideal for for touring to Schools:

"There's No Such Thing As No Such Thing"

"A Dringle Dragon by the Name of Joe"

"The Truckin' Man's Saga"


Musical for Children's Theatre! I'm a Celebrity! Musical Play for School Tours!
Children's Musical Play for Kids!

Musical Script about Self Esteem!
Children's Play - I'm a Celebrity Children's Musical Small Cast Plays for Children - I'm a Celebrity! 
Lawrence Academy, Groton MA - Young Audiences Atlanta

"I'm a Celebrity! was a big success! We performed at
eight schools."
Rossann Baker-Priestly, Prairie Players Youth Theatre

Nerd! Geek! What does a kid do when the other kids bully him? Some kids retreat into their own lonely world but Harold Dorfmiller turns to the world of his imagination. His dreams are wonderfully optimistic!

A Nerdy Kid Becomes the School Hero!
Children's Play - I'm a Celebrity Self Esteem Musical for Schools Children's Play - I'm a Celebrity
I'm a Celebrity!  Young Audiences Atlanta, GA

Harold pictures himself as a dragon slayer and a faster-than-anybody truck driver. Finally a wise teacher helps him learn to come out of his world and make friends.

A Big Success!  For Preschool Kids and Up!
Children's Play - I'm a Celebrity  Fun Musical for Young Kids! Children's Play - I'm a Celebrity
Lawrence Academy, Groton MA - Young Audiences Atlanta, GA

"Our group will be doing I'm a Celebrity! at various public and private schools in the Spokane area throughout the year."
Rogue Players, Spokane, Washington

Production Information


Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, Parents, Teachers, Families, Community


2m, 2f, doubling to as many as 13 characters


About 45 minutes


Royalty & Performance License Required (Details)

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