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The Jungle Book!  This Classic Drama brings the Jungle right to your audience!  Exciting adventure for Young Performers and Schools!

The Jungle Book Play for Kids 

 School Play PackageSchool Play Package Includes:  Master Script, Teachers Guide, Soundtrack CD and the rights to perform the play one time.  Additional performance licenses are available!

Facepainting for Costumes!

 Hathi the Elephant is King of the Water Truce.  He and his son lead the Jungle-People and Audience in a prayer for Peace!

 Queen of the Monkey-People

 The Jungle Book script is imaginative and fresh for today's kids!   Tons of audience participation and comic scenes for young performers.

 Monkeys in Jungle Book!

 Face painting and simple costumes are all that are needed!  The script and Teachers Guide provide lots of suggestions for staging your next hit show: The Jungle Book!

 Storyteller provide Baloo with honey!

 Jungle Book Characters Kaa the Rock Python hypnotizes Mowgli and almost swallows him whole! The good-natured bear, Baloo, saves the Man-Cub and becomes his friend!

 Kaa the Rock Pylon, The Jungle Book

 Audience Participation!  Kipling Classic!

 Jungle Book Characters Mowgli learns to accept that he is a Man, but a Man who has come to love the Wolf family who raised him with respect and love.

 Baloo offers comedy in The Jungle Book

 A fresh, new re-telling of The Jungle Book! A play to help kids understand animals and nature!

 Jungle Book Monkey People



Jungle Book Play The Jungle Book New play for kids to perform!
Participation Play for Kids to Perform!

Large Cast School Play Version for Teachers and Students!
FULL DOWNLOAD - Entire School Play Package with Soundtrack Files

A new play for schools to perform! Brand New Script from ArtReach! Artreach's New Play!

The Jungle Book "Now This is the Law of the Jungle..." Primary School Plays!
Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book Classic Play from Kipling!
"...As Old and As True As the Sky!" --  Rudyard Kipling

"As the creeper that girdles the tree trunk,
the Law runneth forward and back;
For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf,
 and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack."

Play for Schools! So begins ArtReach's new magical adventure playscript for young performers!  This is the story kids are clamoring for!  The inspiration for movies and animation films is a new play that is perfect for your large cast of kids!  The Jungle Book is true to the Kipling classic -- fun, fast-paced with ArtReach's easy dialogue for kids to memorize.

Creative, Innovative Script! Audience Participation!
Mowgli's Story! The Monkey People Capture Mowgli
Geneva Christian College, Tasmania - Mowgli, Monkey People

Affordable for Schools! Affordable School Play Package! Play Script School Package


Order This Christmas Musical Play!

Jungle Book Script Deep in the heart of the Indian Jungle, Bagheera discovers a Man-Cub.  Only the wolves Akela and Raksha may save his life and raise him as their own.  But Shere Khan, the Great Tiger, has targeted the boy.

The Jungle-People Love & Protect the Man-Cub!
Mowgli and the Jungle People Shere Khan in The Jungle Book
Mowgli must return to the Man-Village - a dangerous journey!

Play for Primary Schools Bagheera teaches the boy all he knows about the Jungle.  Baloo the lovable bear befriends Mowgli and saves him from the fearsome grasp of Kaa, the Python, and the wild Monkey-People.  But who can save him from Shere Kahn?

"I LOVE your version of The Jungle Book.  I have looked at 5 different versions and yours is the best!  I love the fact that there is the focus on Community and that there is such flexibility as far as roles.  We have done the Disney Jungle Book but that doesn't have the heart that yours has."
Diana Guhin Wooley, LAMB Arts Ltd, Sioux City, IA

Kipling's Classic Mowgli Battles the Mighty Shere Khan! School Play
The Jungle Book for Kids to Perform! Shere Kahn, The Jungle Book Play
Youngstown OH Production - Audience becomes the Man-Village
helping Mowgli save the Jungle.

Primary School Musical Teachers, this exciting and creative new play brings your kids and audience right into the Jungle!  At Peace Rock all the Jungle-People gather, including your audience who become herds of Antelopes, Snakes and Elephants.

Audience Helps Mowgli get the Red Flower!
Baloo helps Mowgli in The Jungle Book
Mount Hood Community Theatre - Gresham OR

"We had a wonderful, wonderful run with The Jungle Book!  A virtual sell out with everyone saying how fantastic it was!  The cast had a ball & I am one very, very happy director."
Sheena Liveridge, Horncastle Theatre (UK) 

School Play Package Affordable School Play Package! Large Cast Play for Students


Order This Christmas Musical Play!

Jungle Book Characters ArtReach's The Jungle Book includes all the characters you and your children know and love:  Silly and lovable Baloo, funny Ikki the Porcupine, Mowgli's Cub-Brothers, Hathi the Elephant, flying Monkey-People and many more.  The Jungle-People are the Storytellers, keeping this adventure fast-paced and fun!

Jungle Book Large Cast Play
Youngstown Playhouse, OH, ArtReach's 'The Jungle Book'!

Just for Kids: Speeches and vocabulary are appropriate for child performers ages 6 - 14. 

A Flexible Cast of 36 Students: Easily adapted for a smaller or larger cast. Add as many roles as you like! 

Great Parts for Boys and Girls: Almost all parts may be played by boys or girls. 

Every Child Has a Special Moment:  Every single character has a name and lines.  No one is left out and everybody has fun!  The large parts of Mowgli and Bagheera are divided so that more kids can enjoy playing their favorite role.

About 45-55 minutes long: Long enough to be a substantial project and short enough to accommodate your teaching schedule.

Easy Costumes and Scenery: Easy costumes and minimal set.  This play can easily be done on a very slim budget.

CD Soundtrack: The School Play Package includes a CD of background music and sound effects: Exciting drums and Jungle sounds!

School Play Package Affordable School Play Package! Large Cast Play for Students


Order This Christmas Musical Play!

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