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'You Don't See Me' is an extraordinary play for young audiences.  This script is all about finding strength and  joy through love.

"This script is beautifully crafted, sensitive,
funny, loving and very, very real."

Cultural Arts Council of Plano, Texas

"Kathryn Schultz Miller's work really transcends the form of plays for young audiences. The body of her work speaks to the human spirit!"

Steven Anderson, Artistic Director, Phoenix Theatre of Columbus


You Don't See Me
One Act Play for Schools and Theatres!

Playscripts for Schools! A Play About Hope & Joy for Kids! Playscripts for Middle Schools!
Small Cast Children's Plays - You Don't See Me Children's Plays - You Don't See Me
Stephanie Wins First Place at the Science Fair!
ArtReach Touring Theatre, Uplifting Play for Children!

You Don't See Me tackles the subject of family grief
in the same way children naturally resolve difficult issues
--through creative play!

Stephanie, learns to live with the loss of her brother by creating a fantasy in which he appears.  Jimmy speaks poignantly to her through pantomime and the eloquence of the sound of his flute. He stays by her side as she prepares a project for the science fair.

Children's Plays - You Don't See Me Small Cast Children's Plays - You Don't See Me

While Stephanie concentrates on earthly goals, her brother guides her toward acceptance. Through his love that radiates beyond the barrier of mortality, Stephanie is strengthened and finds the heart to go on.

You Don't See Me is a fun play with lots of comedy! Part of the joy is seeing sister and brother play together, and realizing that love touches and heals every aspect of life!

"Kathryn Schultz Miller writes in a language familiar to young people in their everyday conversation. In ordinary language she knits the troubles to which youngsters fall prey. Then reaching to a deeper level of human understanding she finds the caring and compassion with which people help each other through their deepest difficulties."
David Jewell, Publisher, Coach House Press

Production Information


Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, Parents, Teachers, Families, Community


2m, 2f, larger cast possible


About 45 minutes

Published By

Dramatic Publishing Co.


Royalty & Performance License Required (Details)

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