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Peter Pan
Large Cast School Play for Kids to Perform

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Script Sample

Running Time: About 40-45 minutes
Flexible Cast of 30: 4 male, 7 female, All others m/f
Easily adapted for larger or smaller cast.
Cast of Children Performing Classic in Hungary
ArtReach's PETER PAN - Dramaworks, Budapest, Hungary

WINKIE (13 lines, m/f)
SPARKLE (12 lines, m/f)
FLASHY (12 lines, m/f)
STELLAR (12 lines, m/f)

MOTHER (9 lines, f)
FATHER (11 lines, m)
JOHN (17 lines, m)
MICHAEL (21 lines, m)
NANA (8 lines, f)

WENDY (39 lines total, f)
WENDY #1 (19 lines, f)
WENDY #2 (20 lines, f)

PETER PAN (72 lines total, m/f)
PETER #1 (26 lines, m/f)
PETER #2 (11 lines, m/f)
PETER #3 (25 lines, m/f)
PETER #4 (11 lines, m/f)

PETER'S SHADOW (movements only, m/f)

TINKER BELL (18 lines plus movement, m/f)

CAPTAIN HOOK (29 lines, m)
SMEE (28 lines, m/f)
TATTOO BILL (8 lines, m/f)
SKYLIGHTS (5 lines, m/f)
NOODLER (6 lines, m/f)

CROCODILE (movements only, m/f)

TOOTLES (13 lines, m/f)
NIBS (11 lines, m/f)
CURLY (11 lines, m/f)
TWIN-HARRY (12 lines, m/f)
TWIN-TERRY (11 lines, m/f)

TIGER LILY (6 lines, f)
LEAN WOLF  (3 lines, m/f)

PEARL (5 lines, f)
STARFISH (4 lines, f)
MOONGLOW (4 lines, f)

Dramatic Fun! Kids Love to Play the Fun Parts!
School Play for Children to Perform - Peter Pan Lost Boys and Mermaids are fun parts for kids to play! Peter Pan teacher and kids
Bremerton Community Theatre, WA - Shoultes Elem, WA - Let Your Light Shine Youth Theatre, Centralia MO

"Peter Pan was wonderful!  WE HAD SO MUCH FUN, your giving us permission to adapt the script was liberating and inspiring!"
Terry Overfelt, Rock Bridge High School, MO


Written especially for young people to perform.
While you may find large cast plays from other publishers, most of those were originally written for adults or professional actors to perform. They often contain difficult dialogue, unfamiliar or complex language, and speeches too long for young children to memorize. They may even contain jokes, innuendos and subject matter that may not be appropriate for children.

Easy to understand and memorize.
Dialogue is simple, fresh, quick and humorous, keeping the action flowing without stops and starts between scenes. This keeps young people and young audiences engaged throughout the performance - no awkward pauses, no dead-time, no wiggles!

Everyone participates!
All children are involved throughout the performance. This builds confidence, promotes team spirit and eliminates rehearsal rowdiness. The audience is often asked to join in the fun, and action often spills into the aisles! All of our SCHOOL PLAYS give suggestions on how to divide up large parts (such as Peter Pan) among several performers so that no one child is the "star".

Familiar stories with upbeat endings.
The story line stays as close as possible to the familiar story the kids already know.  While some authors feel the need to "improve" the story, our SCHOOL PLAYS stay as close to the familiar narrative as possible, making it easier for children - and your audience - to understand.

Feel free to edit!  Go ahead and tape it!
Most publishers insist that no changes may be made to their scripts.  We know that your goal is to engage every child in the most meaningful way and that your needs are unique.  Cut, eliminate, re-assign lines, or add as much as you like!  Also, there are no restrictions on video tapes.  Parents want a tape or DVD to remember their child's big moment.   Go ahead and tape away!

"No one child is the star."
Stars in Peter Pan Play Peter Pan doubled parts
Emerald Coast Theatre Company, Miramar Beach FL - Ardtornish School, St Agnes, SA Australia


In the past few years we've seen a tremendous increase of confidence in the teachers we hear from.  Most are finding it easier to let the process flow and worry less about the final product.  I firmly believe that the experience will be best for all when you keep a few things in mind:

Free yourself from worry about whether or not it's "good".  No one is paying big ticket prices; no one expects a Broadway success.  The key to making this project meaningful is to put the emphasis on process; realize that rehearsal and practice are as much a part of the experience as the actual performance.  Encourage fun and you will free the children from embarrassment and stress.  If the kids can't learn the lines let them carry a script or use their own words to convey the character's message.  If they seem to wander the stage, let them explore where they want to go - they might surprise you with a wonderful idea.  In every aspect of the process give them the wings to create and think.  Give them a comfortable, supportive place to go and their confidence and self-expression will soar!

Above all else, make sure you are having fun.  If you've never directed a play before, don't worry.  It's all just pretend -- you can't do it wrong!  The quality of your experience is every bit as important as that of the children.  You need the joy of self-expression too, that doesn't go away when we grow up.  So give yourself a break.  And when all else fails, laugh!

Thank you so much for choosing Peter Pan.  I hope you and your young friends have as much fun performing this play as I did writing it.


"Give them the wings to create!"
Peter Pan is great for summer camps! Fun play kids for grades 1-3! School Play Peter Pan
River City Theatre Kids Camp, Watertown, MN - Community Ed Youth Theatre, Belle Plaine MN

Cues, sound effects, background music (traditional-classical)

The CD Soundtrack contains special sound effects and background music (public domain traditional-classical) that may be used to greatly enhance the performance. It does not contain music and songs from the movie or stageplay, nor does it contain music for the performers to sing along with. Cues have 10 seconds of silence at the end - times shown below include silence.
[ Click on [sample] to hear a short sample of the indicated cues ]

 1. MAGICAL STARS  (0:35) [sample]

 2. FLYING!  (1:02) [sample]


 4. PIRATES!  (1:40) [sample]

 5. SCARY CROCODILE!  (1:06)

 6. MAGICAL STARS  (0:35)

 7. SCARY CROCODILE!  (1:06) [sample]

 8. SCARY CROCODILE 2!  (1:08)

 9. FLYING!  (1:02)


Note: Some teachers choose familiar songs, obtain sheet music and insert these songs into the play.  We recognize that each school has a wide variety of educational needs to fulfill and we invite you to be creative in your use of our scripts; including changes or additions that are appropriate for your students. As author/publisher of our own creative works, we do ask that you obtain proper copyright permission for any additions you might make - that responsibility is up to you.

Music & Sound Resources Available on the Internet
( Sheet Music, Song Books, CDs, DVDs, Sing-along, Karaoke, Sound Effects )

Internet Music Resources: Karaoke CDs & Sheet Music

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Great for Theatres, Youth Groups, Summer Drama Camps!
Large Cast Photo Peter Pan ArtReach's Peter Pan playscript
River City Theatre Kids Camp, Watertown, MN - Emerald Coast Theatre Company, Miramar Beach FL

"I recently purchased your play Peter Pan with the background soundtrack. What a great compilation of music!"
Kennelyn Ceralde, Sacramento CA


The story is just as you remember it... Here Peter prepares to take the children to Neverland.
(Script pages 11-13)

PETER:  I'd never let any one tell me to grow up.

WENDY:  Mother says there's nothing I can do about it.

PETER:  Of course there is!

JOHN:  What is it, Peter?

PETER:  You can come with me to Neverland!

MICHAEL:  Neverland?  That sounds exciting!

PETER:  Tell me what you like more than anything else on earth!

MICHAEL:  Indians!

JOHN:  Pirates!

WENDY:  Mermaids!

PETER:  We have all of those on the Neverland Island.  And also there are lost boys.

WENDY:  Lost boys?  Why are they lost?

PETER:  Because they don't have a mother.  Hey!  You could be our mother!

WENDY:  That's silly.  I'm just a girl.

TINKER BELL: (Agrees with WENDY.  Kazoo: That's right she can't come.)

PETER:   You'd make a great mother!  We'd all be so happy to have you there.  And in Neverland you never grow up!

JOHN:  Can we go Wendy?

MICHAEL:  Oh, please, please, please can we go?

WENDY:  Well, all right. But how do we get there?

PETER:  We fly, of course.

WENDY:  Fly?  Oh, but we can't fly!

JOHN:  Sounds dangerous.

TINKER BELL: (Agrees.  Kazoo: That's right they can't fly.  It's very dangerous.)

PETER:  Then I'll teach you!  

WENDY:  Aren't you forgetting something, Peter?

(SHE lifts cover and lets PETER'S SHADOW out.)

PETER:  Of course!  I can't fly without my shadow!

(PETER goes to SHADOW.  SHADOW stands behind PETER and "mirror's" his movements.  PETER puts his hands on his hips, SHADOW does the same.  PETER lifts his cap and scratches the top of his head, SHADOW does the same.  PETER takes big steps across the playing area, SHADOW follows.  Suddenly PETER turns and grabs SHADOW, who squiggles trying to get lose.)

Hurry, Wendy.  Sew it on before it gets away.

Note: This is a sample from the actual script.  To review the entire play, order the PERUSAL SCRIPT (online instant download). Or to save 20% on the full production kit and royalty for one performance, order the SCHOOL PLAY PACKAGE (below) and start rehearsals today!


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