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Ideas & suggestions for producing a creative, fun school play
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Check the Recycling Bin for Fun Ideas
Use Junk and Recycled Stuff for a Fun, Unique Show

You can make your job as director easier by enlisting the help of the kids in your cast.  A great way to do this is to have the kids design and provide their own costumes.  Not only does this lift the burden from you, it gets the children to invest in their own character and will certainly make their performance more fun and meaningful.

Consider this Recycled Materials Theme:  Have the kids use found items, things they might find in the recycled bin (such as cereal boxes, coke bottles, milk cartons) and cut them to create hats, vests, jewelry etc.  Use a mop for a wig, toilet paper rolls for horns or curls.  Add old plastic toys or colorful hardware.  If you don’t have enough “junk” around the house take a trip to the local thrift store and scour the shelves for colorful stuff like hats, gloves, scarves etc.  Add Halloween costume touches like wax-candy teeth. Gulfshore Playhouse in Naples (FL) did a whole production of ArtReach’s Alice in Wonderland using junk and found objects.  Here’s a picture of Alice in her own special Wonderland of Junk:

"Get Everyone's Creative Juices Flowing!"

ArtReach’s Alice in Wonderland - Gulfshore Playhouse, Naples FL

Adding a twist to your production design gets everyone’s creative juices flowing and makes the whole experience more fun and personal for the kids.

Set Your Play in a Unique Place and Time
Spark Creativity by Giving Your School Play a Theme

A great way to mix it up and get everyone’s creativity sparked is to set the play in a time or place that is not traditional for the story.  Wesleyan Middle School in Norcross (GA) put a Western twist on The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by setting the play in the Gay Nineties, Texas.  Here Brom Bones is a tough lassoin’ cowboy and, instead of the traditional tri-corner hat, Ichabod dons a silk topper:

"Add a Twist to Your Special Production!"
Fun Comedy for Kids to Perform!  The Legend of Sleepy Hollow! Great Comedy for Middle Schools!  The Legend of Sleepy Hollow!
ArtReach’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow - Weslyan Middle School, GA

Why not ask the kids what time and place they would like to use for their special production?  Brainstorm with them about how to bring their ideas to life.  What if the play was set in outer space, France, in the underwater ocean?  Then assign the creation of each performer’s costume and props to them. They may need some help along the way but once they get the gist of the theme they will run with it!  You’ll be surprised how much work they are willing to do and how it will enhance their performance! 

Just think how proud they will be to wear the costume they created themselves!  Your audience will love seeing how the theme plays out throughout the performance.

Wheelchairs on Stage
Involve every kid in a meaningful way

The Open Staging concept of ArtReach’s School Plays brings everyone together.  Without steps or obstacles, every child is on equal footing.  Why hide a wheelchair?  Make it part of the acting child’s costume and decorate it with pride!  And don’t forget to block the movement of the character in the wheelchair just the way you would any other.  Why can’t King Grumbleknees (in Cinderella) whirl on stage with angry aplomb?  Let him twirl and circle the stage to show his character’s emotion. 

A great play to include special needs kids!  Don't exclude wheelchairs, they will work just fine!

"Include Special Needs Kids!"
A great play to include special needs kids!  Don't exclude wheelchairs, they will work just fine!
ArtReach's Christmas Wizard of Oz
Eagle Family Performers, a collaborative effort between the
Special Services department and the Apollo Chorus, Owensboro, KY

"Some of our most disabled students are having the most fun!  We are only in early stages of rehearsal but it brings tears to my eyes to see the joy the kids are experiencing with this play."
Andrea Salapka, Swift School, Roswell, GA (Director, The Emperor’s New Clothes)

You could even go a step further and integrate kids in wheelchairs with those who don’t really need them.  One idea would be to have all the Mermaids in Peter Pan perform in wheelchairs. Choreograph a water ballet with simple but fluid movements the performers do in unison.   Just imagine -- a disabled child who may not feel included in other activities will feel right at home in your production!

Wheelchairs are good things that help us get around.  There is no reason to hide them.  Put them right there on stage without apology and watch how including everybody makes for a joyous and meaningful performance!

Theatre Student of the Month: December
Proud Cast Member of ArtReach's Robin Hood wins a nod from her peers.

Here's a great idea, Theatre and Drama Teachers!  Take a tip from Lake-Sumter State College and nominate and offer special awards.  Meet a proud member of her Theatre Department!

"Congratulations to Ashley Hall, Lake-Sumter State College, selected as the Florida College System Activities Association Theatre Division Student of the Month for December. She was nominated by Professor Heather Elmatti.

"Congratulations to this outstanding student!"
ArtReach's Robin Hood Ashley Hall in Robin Hood Play
Ashley Hall starred in ArtReach's ROBIN HOOD at Lake-Sumter State College, FL.

Here's what we learned about Ashley: "Ashley has been in four productions at Lake-Sumter State College. She starred as one of the leads in two of our Children's Theatre shows as the Princess in Princess Pigface and Maid Marian in Robin Hood. She is a cast member in the current production of Almost Maine. Ashley has also been a part of the backstage crew for several other productions including: Step On a Crack and Ex Miss Copper Queen on A Set of Pills.

Ashley won a Student Leadership award for involvement in theatre and was awarded Best Supporting Actress at LSSC's Theatre Arts Society (TAS) Awards ceremony. She also received an academic award for Outstanding Achievement in Communications courses in 2016-17. Ashley was one of the few students selected to speak at TEDxLSSC in September 2017 and did an excellent job presenting her talk on the impact of Implicit Racial Bias. Ashley currently serves as Vice President of TAS and takes an active role in helping facilitate and organize the group. Her enthusiasm and kind heart are a unifying factor. We are very proud of her hard work and accomplishments!"

Congratulations to this outstanding student, and our thanks to Professor Elmatti for taking the time to nominate her for this recognition!"

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