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Rave Reviews for ArtReach
On this page: Wizard of Oz, A Christmas Carol, A Christmas Cinderella, A Christmas Peter Pan, A Christmas Wizard of Oz, A Snow White Christmas.

Snow White Play for Kids!

"Fabulous company to work with!  Very flexible, everything needed to stage a great show at very competitive rates."
Sheena Liversidge, Horncastle Young Stages, UK

"You guys are totally amazing.  I am in awe of you.  Thank you so much!"
Megan Quinn, Youth Theatre Director, Palace Theatre, Manchester, NH

"I've used ArtReach plays for years!  They are great for big groups and allow the smallest and largest roles.  The plays are well written and of high interest to students and audience."
Shannon D. Wynne, Tatum Ridge Elem School, Sarasota, FL

"Oh my goodness!  We just discovered your website and your plays!  We tour every year and will definitely be back for more!  Your touring plays are so well done and I so love that they are specialized for exactly what we are doing!  Thank you!"
Renee Mihalyov, Theatre Director, Cuyahoga Falls City Schools, OH

"ArtReach is a great source for material for teachers.  Accessible clever theatre for all kinds of kids!"
Karin A. Stratton, Pike High School, Indianapolis, IN

The Wizard of Oz -- Our most popular play!

Large Cast School Plays for Children!  The Wizard of Oz! Dorothy and her friends in Oz!  The Wizard of Oz! Large Cast School Plays for Kids to Perform! - The Wizard of Oz!

"We ordered The Wizard of Oz and it was a HUGE hit!"
Erin C. Mulder, St. George's Episcopal School, Milner, GA

"Thank you so much for your wonderful play!  Our second graders put on The Wizard of Oz!  It was spectacular!"
Ginger Gardner, Maquan Elementary School, Hanson, MA

"The Wizard of Oz was a huge hit!  Thanks for your wonderful writing! We have thoroughly enjoyed the script and will use your website for years to come!"
Debbie Bush, Teacher, Chattahoochee Elem School, Duluth, GA

"Our students just performed The Wizard of Oz and did a fantastic job!  We couldn't be happier. Your script was easy to follow and well written!"
Robin Gammon, Indianapolis School District, IN

"We sold so many tickets! The Wizard of Oz script was easy for our young actors to memorize, and they had a blast!"
Ginger Gardner Maquan Elementary School, Hanson, MA

"Don't know if it's a record or not... but Columbia Children's Theatre is presenting The Wizard of Oz with 156 children!"
Jerry Stevenson, Columbia Children's Theatre, SC

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you do!  We cast 1st through 5th grade students, in an inner-city school, all second language learners, and they loved it!  Your scripts are well-paced, clear, and fun for all."
Greg Tutt, Teacher, Buford Elementary, Lennox, CA

"Our performance was SPECTACULAR! A first grader played Dorothy, and the way the lines were written really helped her to learn them well. I would ABSOLUTELY purchase from you again - for the quality of your plays and your personal helpfulness."
Molly Callender, Teacher, Langley Christian School, BC, Canada

"We put on your Wizard of Oz with our 12 year olds. They loved it!  Well done, you are providing a wonderful service!"
Patricia O'Donovan Primary School Teacher, Middleton, Ireland

"The Wizard of Oz was absolutely a wonderful experience from beginning to end. The script was wonderful and easy to adapt so that everyone could participate!"
Donna Stafford, First Grade Teacher, Kinston, NC

"We recently performed Wizard of Oz. It was a hit!  We included our special ed students and all those with disabilities. We even had several children in wheelchairs participate."
Suzan Cambridge, Leadership Through Drama, Glenwood, IA

A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens' Christmas Classic!  A Christmas Carol! Kids Love ArtReach's Fun Musicals!

"Thank you for your play, A Christmas Carol.  It was a huge success at our school!  I managed to fit 150 kids into this play by utilizing the singing opportunities." 
Colleen Murphy, Music/Drama Teacher, Korean International School

"A CHRISTMAS CAROL was wonderful!  The parents loved it!"
June T. Willis, IRR Teacher,  Bright Star Elementary School, Douglas, GA

"A Christmas Carol was wonderful and easy to adapt so that everyone could participate and met with success!"
Donna Stafford, First Grade Teacher, Kinston, NC

"Last year's students liked ArtReach's 'A Christmas Carol' so much that I am planning to make this play an annual tradition for my 3rd grade students."
Heather Cheslock, Music Teacher, Woodside Elementary School, WI

 "We used students ages 3 through high school and teachers and friends of the school participating. Our little three and four year olds were the wind to carry in the spirits.  It was so much fun!"
Phyllis Wilson, Cornerstone Christian Academy, OH

A Christmas Cinderella

Christmas Musical Play for Kids to Perform!  A Christmas Cinderella! Christmas Musical for Children - A Christmas Cinderella Christmas Musical for Children - A Christmas Cinderella

"If you love feisty mice, beautiful ladies, fairies, and laughable royals, then you will LOVE A Christmas Cinderella, by Kathryn Schultz Miller."
Lakefront Youth Theatre Experience, New Orleans, LA

"Our Christmas Cinderella was the most successful show to date! Three of the four shows were sold out, and two were SRO! Over fifty kids ages six to seventeen put on a truly entertaining show for the holidays."
The Bremerton Community Theatre Junior, WA

"Thank you for your wonderful scripts and musical plays. I produced and directed Cinderella at Christmas at my children's elementary school. The script  was wonderful and the end result was fantastic!"
Caroline Hart, Teacher, Oxford, OH

"We are a residential facility for adults with disabilities. We performed your 'Christmas Cinderella' last year and it was a hit!"
Baddour Center, Senatobia, MS

"Our performance of A Christmas Cinderella went great!  The children painted the sets, helped with the costumes and really did a super job. The script was great!  I think our 'Greta Snagglebones' will be famous one day."
Katie McAllister, Teacher, Central Elementary School

A Christmas Peter Pan

Great Fun for Kids!  A Christmas Peter Pan! Musicals for Children, Kids and Schools!  A Christmas Peter Pan! A Motley Crew of Pirates from ArtReach's A Christmas Peter Pan!

"We did A Christmas Peter Pan last year and FILLED the auditorium.  Everyone was overwhelmed at how wonderful it turned out!"
Brooke Iverson, Teacher, Signal Mountain School, TN

"A Christmas Peter Pan is a swashbuckling musical that combines all the magic and drama of the original story with the holiday fun of Christmas Carols and everyone’s favorite Christmas characters."
 Louisiana Center for Theatrical Arts, Students 7-16, Amite, LA

 "A Christmas Peter Pan comes to life.  It's almost like we're in a dream!  ArtReach writes for kids to perform, making the audience use as much of their imagination as the kids."
Kent Streed, Pendragon Theatre, Saranac Lake, NY

"One of the highlights of the year was "A Christmas Peter Pan" and what a success it turned out to be!"
Derek Braans, Junior School Head, Kingswood College, South Africa

"Angels Academy’s students added a holiday spin to the year’s Christmas Program with 'A Christmas Peter Pan' story. Even the Christmas Sing-A-Long Songs were sung to familiar tunes with a variation in the words to reflect the program’s theme."
The Abaconian, Bahamas

A Christmas Wizard of Oz

Christmas Elfins in Oz! Christmas Musical for Children to Perform!  A Christmas Wizard of Oz! Every Child Shines in A Christmas Wizard of Oz!

"A Christmas Wizard of Oz was absolutely a wonderful experience from beginning to end! The script was wonderful and easy to adapt so that everyone could participate!"
Donna Stafford, First Grade Teacher, Kinston, NC

"We're moving on down the yellow brick road to the Wortham Theater for a Christmas Wizard of Oz. Our 2nd - 6th Graders are gearing up for a performance you will not forget!"
The Rhodes School, Houston, TX

 "I cannot tell you often (or loud) enough how much we LOVE your Christmas Wizard of Oz!  It was a fantastic show for us.
You are so clever!"
Midge McClosky, Artistic Director, Shawnee Playhouse, PA

“Our children did a wonderful job today. A Christmas Wizard of Oz comes alive when they get on stage. It’s really a good experience for all of them.”
Tom Weindl, Principal, Whispering Palms School, Saipan

"The message of 'A Christmas Wizard of Oz' is a simple one. There's no place like home... especially at Christmastime."
Pocono Record, Strousburg, PA

A Snow White Christmas

Fun Holiday Musical for Kids to Perform!  A Snow White Christmas! Large Cast Script for Lots of Kids!  A Snow White Christmas!

"A Snow White Christmas was a huge success!  For the last two years, we have selected your holiday plays; the opportunity to provide so many students a part in your large cast plays is ideal for our large middle school."
Joni McLeod, Cario Middle School, Mount Pleasant, SC

"I run a youth project for children at risk and we performed your play 'A Snow White Christmas' to rave reviews!"
Sony Matthews, Greenmount Youth Project, Cork, Ireland

"We had more than 90 cast members for A Snow White Christmas. The kids were outstanding!"
Michelle Roy, Middle School Teacher, Russell County Schools

"For her performance as Snow White Emilee McGann received third place as Best Youth Actress/Youth Actor at US Army Europe Festival of One Act Plays. Congratulations Emilee!"
Five Pfennig Playhouse, 414th Battalion, Hanau, Germany

"We love your easy to use scripts and short lines
for kids to memorize!"
Julie Echelmeier, Higginsville Theatre Company, Youth Theatre Academy, MO

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