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Examples & ideas for safely presenting plays from home via the Internet

Teachers are Choosing These ArtReach Plays for Virtual Performances!
The Little Mermaid script for Virtual Performances Edgar Allan Poe script for Zoom Storytellers make Aladdina great choice for virtual presentations A Thousand Cranes video lets kids perform during pandemic.
The Little Mermaid, Poe! Poe! Poe!, Aladdin, A Thousand Cranes

ArtReach's scripts are perfect for Online Productions!

Everything is downloadable.  Order right now and you get everything immediately.

School Play Packages include audio files (background music/sound effects), easily incorporated into your digital production.

Scripts are shortened and simplified for easy performances. Many include narration that makes your virtual performance like a storybook session.

No need for special permission.  Order your script, audio files, licenses now and you are good to go!

Don't forget, once you pay your royalty you have the right to edit the script.  Add lines, songs, scenes or cut parts of the script.  You may do whatever it takes to make your special project a success!

Kids Get Creative During Coronavirus Crises
Examples of How Some Schools Safely Presented ArtReach Plays

Presented as a Voice Over Semi-Animation

A Thousand Cranes Semi-Animation presentation

Thunder Ridge High School
Idaho Falls, ID
Jose Loera, Director/Editor

On July 10th, 2020 at 6:30pm we were able to have our opening (and closing) of this production to the public. We did this at Thunder Ridge High School (thanks to Mrs. Jorden Cammack, drama teacher). Learn more...

Watch the YouTube Video

"Well... all things began to shut down starting about mid-March 2020 because of Covid-19.  We had already been looking into the play A Thousand Cranes and this voice-over method seemed like it would work! So we did it! :). "
Director Jose Loera, Thunder Ridge High School, Idaho Falls, ID

Presented as a Zoom Online Video Conference

Kids give successful Youtube performance during pandemic

Arvada Center for the Arts
Arvada, CO
Sammie Harroun, Eniia Seymore, Directors

This production was put on by the Arvada Center for Arts and Humanities in Colorado, performed by students aged 6-9, and rehearsed and performed entirely over the internet!

Watch the YouTube Video

"Welcome to our all Zoom production of The Little Mermaid.
Please enjoy this foray into the virtual world of theatre with us!"
Arvada Center for the Arts, Arvada, CO

Adapted and Presented as a "Pandemic Podcast"

Play for virtual Zoom performances

The Woodlands UMC Middle School
The Woodlands, TX
Katie Lindsey, Drama Teacher

Join us as we go on a perilous journey beyond the kingdom walls in search of two brave adventurers and their dragon. Could carrots really be the cure to this pandemic? This is Quarantine Confessions.

Hear the Online Podcast

"This was so much fun to make with my students. It helped take our minds off the terrible news that we keep hearing and it gave us a creative outlet that allowed us to produce something truly special together."
Katie Lindsey, The Woodlands UMC Middle School, The Woodlands, TX

The Legend of Mulan
Zoom performance of Mulan
ZOOM: Virtual Full Performance (36:30)
GameKids Playdance and Hawaii PAAM, Hawaii
More About The Legend of Mulan

Kid Frankenstein
Zoom performance of Kid Frankenstein
ZOOM: Virtual Full Performance (39:05)
Canfield Avenue School, Mine Hill, NJ
More About Kid Frankenstein

The Sword in the Stone

Short Promotional Video (0:40) Full Play (48:13)
Sierra Repertory Theatre, Sonora, CA
More About The Sword in the Stone


The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Full Performance w/ COVID-19 safety precautions (45:03)
Magic Circle Players, Montrose, CO
More About The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

The Legend of Mulan

Full Performance w/ COVID-19 safety precautions (1:04:39)
Regents International School, Bangkok, Thailand
More About The Legend of Mulan

California Theatre Company performs ArtReach's Robin Hood safely during pandemic
Changing Faces Theatre has innovative ideas that reach families, young audiences

"Many, many shout-outs to you and ArtReach for the support.  We sure talk you up here in California!"
CFTC Artistic Director,  Mike Bartram

Pop-Up Series! "We were able to perform safely for families."
California Theatre performs Robin Hood Robin Hood script from ArtReach Plays
ArtReach's Robin Hood - Changing Faces Theatre Company, Lodi CA

When the pandemic hit and shut us down, we had to quickly pivot.   So our Pop-Up series was born.  We started with a modified version of Alice in Wonderland, which was a huge success.  We took it to parks, cul de sacs, front yards, back yards, etc.  We kept the actors separated from the audiences, and were able to perform safely for families, who would be spread out across lawns, sidewalks, driveways, and even into streets.  We staged that show 22 times over a matter of 5 weeks or so. 

"Robin Hood -- was just as successful."
Comedy and Drama - Robin Hood script Robin Hood play is funr for families
ArtReach's Robin Hood - Changing Faces Theatre Company, Lodi CA

Then we followed that up with Robin Hood, and it was just as successful.  19 performances later, we closed that show, and after 41 individual performances, we wrapped up our first Pop-Up season.  Now we are looking forward to 3 shows from May-October, 2021: Pinocchio, Shakespeare To-Go, and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.   We are very grateful to our communities in the Lodi, Stockton, even Sacramento area for helping to keep our theater alive during this challenging time.  We are ever so grateful for Kathy Schultz Miller and ArtReach Plays for the kind support during this challenging time.  

Mike Bartram. Founder & Artistic Director, Changing Faces Theater Company ( Lodi, CA


Poe! Poe! Poe! -- Edgar Allan Poe, Reader's Theatre for Zoom
Edgar Allan Poe for Kids!  Great for Zoom performances. Edgar Allan Poe for virtual performances - Poe! Poe! Poe! Edgar Allan Poe script for online shows
The Company Onstage, Houston TX - Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College, Miami, OK

ArtReach's Edgar Allan Poe script, couldn't be easier to produce.  The Readers Theatre style makes it a snap for performers and eliminates the need for extensive set and props.  A minimal upstage background design and stools are all you need.  Zoom-ready and kid-friendly, Poe! Poe! Poe! uses American literature to get kids' creative juices flowing!

Aladdin -- Storytellers, Short Script & Funny Dialogue 
Aladdin is a great play for tweens and teens to perform! Aladdin Script for Kids to Perform! ArtReach's Aladdin Play for Teenagers to Perform
Monkton Central School, VT - Niagara Youth Theatre, NY

Large Cast and Medium Cast available, a flexible cast of from 13 - 25:  It's easy to adapt the script for your at-home kids. Most roles can be played by male or female performers.  About 45 minutes long: Long enough to be a substantial project and short enough to handle for online performances.  Easy costumes and scenery: A painted backdrop is not necessary. Storytellers help the scenes flow quickly and narrate the play, holding the story together for your online audience. 

The Mark Twain Show - Short Scenes for Virtual Shows
One Act Play for Schools and Theatres -- The Mark Twain Show Small Cast One Act Children's Plays - The Mark Twain Show
Scenes taken from Samuel Clemens/Mark Twain Literature - Tyler Texas Civic Theatre, TX

Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer, Legend of Sagenfeld, Adam and Eve with biographical quotes.Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn and more exciting stories for young audiences. High comedy contrasts with poignant drama. Principals and teachers love the educational tie-in to American Literature and American History.  This One Act Play was written especially for young people to perform.  The episodic format of the stories makes this easy to rehearse and perform online.

Virtual Performance & Learning from Herberger Young Scholars Academy, ASU
A Thousand Cranes Offers A World of Ideas for Students, Excellent for Zoom!

 "I will write peace on your wings and you will fly all over the world." -- Sadako Sasaki
Drawing for Sadako Story

Director's Notes from -- Sabrina Switzer-Wareing:  In the theatre action reveals character. This is no less true in the real world. What we do helps to define and to inspire us. "A Thousand Cranes" is a moving artistic representation of this thought. The play tells the true story of Sadako Sasaki, who was just two years old when the bomb fell on Hiroshima. 

"Action is eloquence . . ." - William Shakespeare
Student performance for Sadako Origami used in Performance Online virtual performance of A Thousand Cranes
A Thousand Cranes - Herberger Young Scholars Academy, ASU, AZ

Ten years later she faced the echo of the bomb's effects with determination and courage. Her hopeful actions and perseverance in the face of personal adversity are particularly resonant of late.  -- Sabrina Switzer-Wareing.

"It was beautiful, and all the more haunting because of the quarantine." 
Zoom student performance of A Thousand Cranes Drummer in student performance of Sadako
By Kathryn Schultz Miller, Presented by Special Arrangement with ArtReach Children's Theatre Plays.

HYSA Thespian Society, Chapter 7850 of the International Thespian Society!  Established the Fall of 2012, the Troupe is a Gold Honor Rank Troupe of the Arizona Thespian Society, the Region I Chapter of the International Thespian Society and the Educational Theatre Association. Resilience:  "Change is a given.  How we respond to it -- that is what we can control."  This production was rehearsed and performed online in the spring of 2020:  "Behind the Scenes" YouTube Video:

Virtual Audience Comments: "That was beautiful!"
 Student poster for Sadako Paper Cranes Desrgned Poster by Young Performers Student poster contest for A Thousand Cranes
Poster designed by Herberger Students for the production of ArtReach's A Thousand Cranes

The review are in!  "A Thousand Cranes", Virtual Performance, is a success! 

"The performance was so lovely!"  "Very artistic on so many levels."  "I'm in tears."

"What a fantastic performance & creative way to create the experience virtually."
Students perform Sadako Sasaki  Young Performer in A Thousand Paper Cranes
A Thousand Cranes - Herberger Young Scholars Academy, ASU, AZ

"It was beautiful, and all the more haunting because of the quarantine. The fact that they were each alone, connected by the cranes made the story all the more poignant."

"Amazing job on Paper Cranes! I don't understand how you guys pulled that off so well on ZOOM!"  "Loved the play! The medium worked wonderfully well! Everyone was brilliant! Music was evocative. The "sets" really worked."

"The play was outstanding...I loved the charcoal transitions!"  "The play was beautiful, sad and powerful.  I cried. I cannot imagine the amount of work it took to offer this as a zoom production. Congratulations on a wonderful performance."

"What an amazing performance!!! It was PHENOMENAL!"  "I was so impressed by the performances, art, singing and instruments."

"Thank you for putting so much time and effort into this production. It really paid off and was lovely to watch."

Think you can't stage The Wizard of Oz during the Pandemic?  Think again.
The Broadway in Bixby Bootcamp presented ArtReach's The Wizard of Oz with with masks and social distancing.

This production included young performers from all over Oklahoma in a two week intensive camp learning the entire show over these two weeks. The Broadway in Bixby Bootcamp believes in putting the Broadway experience into every children’s camp they provide, as Broadway isn’t just about singing, dancing, and acting. It’s about the magic of the costumes, sets, lighting, etc.

"Socially distancing was a challenge, but we did it with flying colors!"
Middle School Performs Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch performed by Middle Schooler ArtReach's Wizard of Oz performed in Tulsa
ArtReach's Wizard of Oz - Bixby Middle School Drama Club - Tulsa, OK

Our adaptation included 13 of the classic songs with full choreography. At the end of our two week camp, over 30 kids had the chance to perform The Wizard of Oz in a two-day run to over 300 people. Performing this production in a socially distanced way was a challenge, but we did it with flying colors. This cast was simply amazing and created a beautiful show. The Broadway in Bixby Bootcamp cannot wait to us ArtReach again for their upcoming children’s theatre camps. 
- Shay Pool (Executive Director)

ArtReach's script is easy, simple and perfect for a fun Zoom project!
On the yellow brick road - School Performance Maksed performance of Wizard of Oz during Covid. Social distancing for the Scarcrow and Dorothy.
ArtReach's Wizard of Oz - Bixby Middle School Drama Club - Tulsa, OK

ArtReach's large cast script, The Wizard of Oz, is a simplified and shortened version of the famous L. Frank Baum story as you and your kids know it.  It does not stray into storylines that are not in the original musical.  Because it is short and easy, it's perfect for a fun virtual experience.  Each performer has a moment to shine!   Kids of all ages will love participating in a Zoomed show of The Wizard of Oz.  The School Play Package (including audio files) is only $99.95 and AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD.

McLaughlin Studios Music, Dance, Theatre Arts Performs ArtReach's Amelia Earhart
Summer, 2020, Theatre Company performs with masks and social distancing

Nancie McLaughlin, director of McLaughlin is using two ArtReach plays to keep the creative spirit of theatre alive!  July performances of Amelia Earhart were a high flying success!  The Summer Intensive Troupe's production of ArtReach's Amelia Earhart was presented on two evenings, informally outdoors with masks and social distancing. 

ArtReach's Amelia Earhart performed with masks and social distancing.
Summer outdoor performance with masks Kids perform AMELIA EARHART during corona virus pandemic Social distancing can be fun!
McLaughlin Studios, Loomis CA

Amelia Earhart is a great play for zooming, streaming or performing with masks and social distancing.  Actors and audience are compelled to imagine how Amelia felt, high in the sky and all alone among the clouds.  The performers have several long monologues that can easily streamed online.  The character of the Reporter narrates Aemlia's story, a built in device that holds the story together for your online audience.  The episodic format allows you to film segments at different times.  Remember, once you pay your royalty you hae the rights to edit the script, add and delete scenes, adjust the script for you special circumstances.

Historic Fayette Theatre, WV presents a vitual production: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Chills and thrills coming soon to a computer screen near you!

Gene Worthington played Ichabod in Historic Fayette Theatre's production of ArtReach's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow several years ago.  He loved the script and all the fun actors and audiences had that memorable Halloween.  So when the theatre looked around for a script to present this fall, they realized ArtReach's script of the Washington Irving story was perfect for Zoom.  The playscript uses a lot of the author's original language and narration, while keeping it brief and simple for young audiences.   The Historic Theatre is currently swinging to action, preparing for a spooky virtual Halloween!  McLaughlin Studios of Loomis CA fresh from a summer performance of ArtReach's "Amelia Earhart", is also getting ready for their own exciting online headless fun, a Zoom performance of  ArtReach's popular classic The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

A great script for a spooky virtual Halloween!
Middle School Kids perform The Legend of Sleepy Hollow online Theatre prepares for virtual performance of THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW
LCA Middle School Theatre Presents: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow - McLaughlin Studios, Loomis CA

"When I chose The Legend of Sleepy Hollow as this year's Middle School production, I was concerned whether the story contained enough big ideas, questions, or themes. But as I began to witness the students infuse their characters with their own imaginations, experiences, and senses of humor, I realized that even a story as silly as this one could be, in a real sense, revelatory. There is something uniquely inspiring about witnessing a team of middle school students do the opposite of hiding. In doing so onstage, they remind and inspire those of us offstage to go and do likewise."
Andy Macdonald, Arts Division Head Middle School Theatre, Lexington Christian Academy, MA


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