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Thomas Edison: Fire of Genius
Small Cast (Touring) Play for Theatres, Schools

Script Sample

Running Time: About 45-50 minutes
Flexible cast of 4, 2 Male, 2 Female
Easily adapted for larger cast

THOMAS EDISON: Tom in youth (M)

DOT: (F)
Plays MRS. ENGLE (Teacher)
OTT (Inventor), MARY (Tom's first wife), WALLACE (Inventor)

Also plays LUCILLE (Student), REPORTER, SENATOR (Boston)
TEA SELLER, CLERK (Gold Exchange), BOSS (Western Union)
KRUESI (Inventor), MINA (Tom's second wife)

Also plays WILLIAM (Student), ALEX, STEVENSON (Coach), REPORTER
MANAGER (Telegraph office), MERCHANT, BROKER (Gold Exchange)
BATCHELOR (Inventor), HAYES (President), GROSVENOR (Financier)

"Energetic and Exciting!"

Florida Rep, Ft. Myers, FL, Professional Tour

"Audiences will surely enjoy this energetic and exciting look at the man behind the magic!"
Bari Newport, Florida Rep, FL


Tom was an inventor from the start.  When he was old enough he lit out for Cincinnati, then Boston, looking for a place he could put his talents to good use.  New York seemed desolate until he stumbled on his first big break...

DASH: With his belly full of apple pastry Tom wandered the streets looking for work and a place to sleep.

DOT: At last he found someone willing to lend him a cot in the cellar of the Gold Indicator Company.

DASH: One morning he woke up and heard a ruckus...

(CODY enters as BROKER. DASH rushes in as nervous clerk. They huddle around "Stock ticker".)

CODY/BROKER: Fix it! Fix it! Hurry up! We’re losing money faster than juice through a goose!

DASH/CLERK: I’m trying sir, I just can’t see what’s wrong with it!

BROKER: Can’t see what’s wrong, what do I pay you for, for garsh darn sake?

CLERK: I keep track of the profits, sir! I am not a telegraph operator!

EDISON: Telegraph operator? Did someone say telegraph operator?

BROKER: My kingdom for a telegraph operator! I got a house full of over educated smarty pants and not one of them can save the ship. We’re going down boys, we’re going down!

EDISON: What seems to be the problem?

BROKER: This ticker won’t tick! Don’t you see there’s an army, a universe of brokers out there watching for the price of gold. They’re buying, they’re selling. Stock quotes and price changes! It’s how the world goes round, don’t you see? This contraption is the one that transmits...

EDISON: Telegraphs...

BROKER: Telegraphs schmelagraphs! The diddly ding dong thing don’t work! We’re ruined boys, ruined I tell you...

(EDISON quietly goes to the machine and rattles a few parts. BROKER rages on behind him as EDISON finishes and stands back.

SOUND CUE: Sound of ticker ticking happily away.)

They’re gonna sue me, boys don’t you see? They’re gonna rip the shirt right off my back, don’t you see? The end is near, boys, the end is near!!

CLERK: Um. Sir. Um. Look.

(They all look at machine.)

BROKER: Well I’ll be a horse’s wide patoot. Did you do this young man?

EDISON: It wasn’t hard. Seems a spring broke off, and fell down between these wheels...

(BROKER & DASH are hushed.)

BROKER: You’re a genius, son. A bonifide genius. I want to offer you a job.(With a thumb over his shoulder at DASH.)  His job.

Note: This is a sample from the actual script.  To review the entire play, order the PERUSAL SCRIPT (online instant download).

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Script Sample