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ArtReach offers Award-Winning Children's Scripts and Plays for Schools, Families and Young Audiences. 

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A Christmas Carol
Children's Christmas Musical Play - A Christmas Carol!

A Christmas Cinderella
Christmas Musical for Children - A Christmas Cinderella

A Christmas Peter PanA Christmas Peter Pan - Musical for Kids!

A Christmas
Wizard of Oz
Christmas Musical Play for Kids to Perform!  A Christmas Wizard of Oz!

A Show White Christmas
A Snow White Christmas - Large Cast Musical Play for Kids!

A Thousand Cranes
Children's Play for Theatres - A Thousand Cranes

Aladdin!  Script for Kids to Perform!

Alice in Christmas
Christmas Musical for Kids!  Alice in Christmas Land!

Alice in Wonderland
Large Cast Children's Play - Alice in Wonderland

Amelia Earhart
One Act Plays for Middle Schools and High Schools - Amelia Earhart!

Annie Oakley
One Act Play for Schools - Annie Oakley

Beauty and the Beast
Just for Kids!  Beauty and the Beast!

Blue Horses
Small Cast Children's Plays - Blue Horses

Choosing Sides for Basketball
Small Cast Touring Play - Choosing Sides for Basketball



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Classroom Activities [ Page 4 ]
Student discussions, exercises, games before and after the play
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Lets Talk About Peter Pan!
Get Your Cast and Class Ready With Discussion on Peter Pan!

Discussion / Questions: Have a class discussion about what it would be like to never grow up and to live in an imaginary – make-believe – place like Neverland:

What would happen if you never grew up, never got older? 

    (You’d be in this same class forever! No more birthdays! Nor birthday presents! Your friends would get older, graduate, go away, you’d still be a kid! Etc., etc. This can be fun.)

Why do you think Peter Pan never wanted to grow up?

    (On the day he was born his parents told him all the things he would have to do when he grew up – so he ran away from home! Now, that’s pretty imaginative!)

Peter Pan to Learn, Perform and Enjoy!
Peter Pan and Wendy!  ArtReach's School Play for Kids to Perform! School Play for Children to Perform - Peter Pan
Turkey Hill School, Orange, CT -- Whole Backstage Theatre, Guntersville, AL

Do you think there’s actually a magical place like Neverland?

    (There was for Peter Pan! Neverland is an imaginary place created by the man who wrote the story, J. M. Barrie. Even Peter Pan and all the people in the story are imaginary. But isn’t imagination a wonderful thing? Without it we wouldn’t have wonderful stories like Peter Pan, the Wizard of Oz, Cinderella.)

Can you think of your own magical place? What would you call it?

    (Magicland? Fantasyland? Funnyland? Weirdland? Billyland, Maryworld...)

Who would live in your magic land?

    (You? Me? Pirates? Space people? Crocodiles? Dinosaurs? Green elephants? Hump back camels and chimpanzees? Unicorns?)

Can you really fly? But can you imagine what it would be like to fly?

(Sometimes the only way we can "do” something is to imagine doing it.) (Continue the discussion...)

What would it be like if we couldn’t imagine fun or silly or impossible things?

If we couldn’t play? If we had to be serious and real all the time?

Even when we get older we’ll still like to imagine fun things, won’t we?

So even though we all have to get older, maybe we can be like Peter Pan by using our imaginations to create a world where we "never grow up” – like writing stories, painting pictures, playing music...

Or performing a play.

Fun Learning with Creative Dramatics
Pantomime! Sculptures! Court of Animals!


Explain pantomime to children as acting without words or props. It combines elements of theater and works best with a strong script or actions and allows the actors to "talk” without speaking. The secret is to exaggerate everything and move in slow motion.

For simple pantomime activities, pick kids and ask them to pretend they are doing sports activities. The kids in the audience should try to guess what the "actor” is doing. If possible, have enough activities so that every child has an opportunity to pantomime.

Creating Sculptures

Divide the class into pairs. In each pair, one student is the "sculptor" and one the "clay." The sculptor "sculpts" his or her partner's body into a statue of his or her choosing. The sculptor may do this by physically moving the partner's body into position, or by showing the "clay" how to stand. The sculptor pays close attention to even small details like facial expression or the position of a finger.

When the "sculpture" is finished, she or he freezes. (It the position is difficult or impossible to hold, the "sculpture" may memorized it and then relax until her or his turn in the "tour" arrives.

Once all of the artists have finished their masterpieces, I call them together in the center of the room. The "sculptures" remain in place around the room. In role as a museum guide, I conduct a tour of the "gallery." When we reach each work, the artist who made it steps forward and explains his or her work to the group. In this way we make a complete tour, giving each artist a chance to show off and describe his or her work.

Once a "sculpture" has been viewed, she or he may relax and join the group on the rest of the tour. Once the "tour" is finished, the partners switch roles and the process is repeated.

Fun With Creative Dramatics!
Large Cast Comedy Script for Kids to Perform!  The Emperor's New Clothes! Hilarious Comedy Fun for Kids!  The Emperor's New Clothes!
Audience Participates in the Emperor's Parade!
Ensworth School, Nashville, TN

Emperor’s Court of Animals

Every good Emperor, like a King, needs a court. A King needs to have people around him who are his friends, whom he can trust and upon whom he can rely. These people are called courtiers. What qualities should courtiers possess? Some will suggest: "strong," and "brave," "helpful" and "loyal," and "clever." Think about which animals exemplify each quality. (For example, elephants are strong and helpful, dogs are helpful and brave, cats are clever and brave, horses are loyal and helpful, etc.)

Discuss the sort of animals who would make good courtiers Appoint an "Emperor” and call the animals forward. He asks, "What sort of animal are you?" The student announces what animal he or she is portraying. The student then describes the qualities of her/his animal that make that court." After the animals have been named have them have a "royal procession” with the Emperor leading the animals around the room.

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