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Rave Reviews for ArtReach
On this page: A Thousand Cranes, Alice in Christmas Land, Alice in Wonderland, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Emperor's New Clothes.

A Christmas Peter Pan! Kids love performing A Christmas Wizard of Oz!

"I've done ArtReach shows and love how accessible they are for children. The sound FX are always delightful and easy to manipulate.  You are doing very, very good and important work. Thank you so much. I can't think of much else more important than infecting children with the joy of creation."
Roberta Gore, Church & School of the Ascension, Westminster, MD

"I must tell you I love your plays.   I have travelled all over the country and taught and love the feasibility and adaptability of the plays.  I have done "AThousand Cranes" with Middle School and done "Peter Pan" with elem and MS and currently working on it with HS (This is their first "real" show-----They love it!)
Susann Colonna, Northern Cambria School District, PA

"I've worked with multiple play companies in community and professional theatre settings. So glad to have found a company geared to the needs of elementary school. Thank you!"
Hailey Fowler, Kilough Elementary School, Dawsonville, GA

A Thousand Cranes

A Thousand Cranes for Elementary and Middle Schools! Large Cast Children's Play - A Thousand Cranes Large Cast Children's Play - A Thousand Cranes

"It was beautiful. The young leads were particularly gorgeous. Tears in the final scenes. Well done to everyone."
Adelaide - Gemini Collective Production, Australia

"We did 'A Thousand Cranes' and it turned out great! The audience loved it, and we got the community to help us fold and collect cranes which we used as part of the play backdrop, then we sent them off to the Children's Peace Monument in Hiroshima - 1700 or so cranes!! Wonderful story."
Marcy Donnelly Del Castillo, Fremont Civic Theatre, CO

"We had two wonderful performances. The play's theme is very appropriate for these times. The students did a superb job portraying the message, which brought me to the verge of tears."
Dorothy Loveland, Bayan School, Bahrain

"The music teacher came up to me and said it brought tears to her eyes.  The notes you sent with the play were very encouraging and helpful.  It was very special to me to get a chance to have my students tell Sadako's story."
Diane Purvis, Teacher & Librarian

"As one child said... ”I really didn’t get Sadako when you first told us about her, but now I can see how important she is." Thank you for such a great script that was easy to stage and which had such a beautiful and moving message!"
Mary Westall, St. Therese Primary School, Sydney, Australia

"Thank you for writing such an inspiring children's play.  I've been teaching drama for three years and never have my students been more engaged with a story."
Anne Mantha, St. Mary Magdalen School, Hazel Park, MI 

"I hope the audience comes away from this play and thinks about peace.  I hope they realize to always remember to listen to the wisdom of our children.”
Pam Chernesky, Director, Houlton Star Bright Children's Theatre, ME


Fun for Every Kid in Your Cast!  Aladdin! Aladdin!  Script for Kids to Perform!

"Thank you very much for the excellent package!  I'm going to direct a full school production of Aladdin and the script, resources and teacher's guide are perfect for what I need!  The whole purchasing and downloading process was easy, convenient and super helpful!"
Stuart Williams, Westwood International School, London UK

"The Lyncourt School Drama Club in Syracuse, NY performed "Aladdin" to rave reviews from all! We loved the script!  A smashing success! Thank you ArtReach! We are looking at "Peter Pan" or "the Wizard of Oz" next year! LOVE your productions!"
Lyncourt School Drama Club Syracuse, NY

"Thank you for such wonderful plays!  As you can tell, I love them because I keep ordering them!  I was elated when I saw that you had done Aladdin.  I read the whole play today and I cannot wait to put this together!"
Sara Takeuchi, Teacher, Taylor Elem, West Chester, OH

"I am still getting accolades for Aladdin this year.  It is all because of your script which was so much fun for the kids.  They really got into it.  You make my job easy!"
Keith Wagner, Saint Paul School, Leesburg, FL

“We had first through sixth graders performing Aladdin. It’s a really charming, funny adaptation."
Holli Hornlien, Solano Youth Theatre, Vacaville, CA

"Aladdin is SO WELL WRITTEN.  It is going to be great fun to put on.  Thank you!"
Sara Takeuchi, Teacher, Taylor Elem, West Chester, OH

"The show Aladdin was humorous and had a great story line! The cast loved what they did and it showed on their faces and in their final product. A magnificent production!"
Taylor Araujo, Life Skills Class, Pontiac High School, IL

Alice in Christmas Land

Creative staging makes Alice in Christmas Land easy for schools! Alice in Christmas Land a Musical for Kids! Christmas Musical for Kids!  Alice in Christmas Land!

"We love your easy to use scripts and short lines for kids to memorize!"
Julie Echelmeier, Higginsville Theatre Company, Youth Theatre Academy

"We had about 25 speaking parts and 35 ensemble parts! We will continue to come to you for all our children's plays."
Karen Dougherty & Nancy Lockhart, Jackson School, Lawrenceville, GA

"Our Club includes 3rd through 5th graders.  We love your scripts!"
Jennifer Sypert, Mesquite, Texas

"Our community theater performed Alice in Wonderland.  It was great fun and a huge hit. The children are already asking what play we are planning next.  We will definitely use ArtReach Plays again!"
Pontotoc Community Theatre, Pontotoc, MS

The script follows Carroll's story as you know it, infused with holiday fun entertainment: everyone is getting ready for Christmas.  The Mad Hatter has a silly tree decorating party, the Cheshire Cat can't understand why her stripes are green and red and the Queen of Hearts hasn't an ounce of holiday spirit.

Alice in Wonderland

Large Cast Play Script for Schools and Kids!  Alice in Wonderland! Perfect Alice in Wonderland Script for young people to perform!

"We did Alice in Wonderland last year. It was enjoyed by everyone. Super children's play and thanks to you for your beautiful script."
Greenwood Kindergarten, Teacher, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

"Our community theater performed Alice in Wonderland this past weekend.  It was great fun and a huge hit!  The children are already asking what play we are planning next.  We will definitely use ArtReach Plays again."
Mandi Stutsy, Teacher, Pontotoc Community Theater, MS

"Excellent!  The audience loved it!"
Jordan Cameron, Madison Middle School, Rexburg, ID

"Our school has just finished our Alice in Wonderland production and it was fantastic. Thanks for such a fantastic script!"
Danni Mattiazzo, Larrakeyah Primary School, NT, Australia

"Everyone gets a part big or small, they all participate!"
Theresa M. Johnson, Parks & Rec, City of Kerman, CA

"Students and teachers could not get enough of Alice in Wonderland play, they love it."
Blanca Muniz, Teacher, Ramey School, Puerto Rico

"I did your Alice In Wonderland at my camp this summer and it went great.  Much thanks."
Ellen Flaks, You Are The Star Creative Drama, Springfield, PA

"We love your children's plays! We did Alice in Wonderland with 75 students, and every child had a part!  We loved that we were able to expand the numbers to fit our drama club. It is very hard to find scripts for large groups (over 90 this year)."
Karen Dougherty & Nancy Lockhart, Jackson School, Lawrenceville, GA

"My homeschool group performed Alice in Wonderland and it was a HUGE hit with our co-op.  We had a packed house!"
Michele Wiley, Tifton, GA

"The audience was enthralled by the fantasy world of Alice in Wonderland, this year’s Primary Production."
Students Years 5 and 6, Bangkok Patana School, Thailand

"We did Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz last year.  Both were huge successes!"
Beth Bankler, Drama in the Afternoon, Lawrence School, Brookline, MA

Beauty and the Beast

Fun Playscript for Kids to Perform!  Beauty and the Beast! Great Parts for Lots of Kids!  Beauty and the Beast! Fun for Both Boys and Girls!  Beauty and the Beast!

"ArtReach's "Beauty and the Beast" is a definite go for next year. The kids read the perusal script and really liked it! They chose yours over the Disney version hands-down."
Joseph Reynolds, Gerisch Middle School, Southgate, MI

"Our group recently performed Beauty and the Beast - it went great!"
Lisa Kelly, Stillwater, OK

"I love the adaptation you did of the story by Charles Perrault.  Beauty and the Beast is beautiful, you did an amazing job with it."
Joice Riedel, Ontario Local Schools, OH

"We have had huge successes the past two years with Peter Pan and Beauty and the Beast...we love your shows!  Keep them coming!"
Jan Plank, Director, Temple Beth Hillel Day School, Valley Village, CA

"I just performed Beauty and the Beast with my 4th and 5th grade drama club last night and it was AWESOME!! I love your plays!"
Holly Kidwell, Teacher


Large Cast Christmas Musical for Kids to Perform!  A Christmas Cinderella! Hilarious Comedy for Children!

"I produced and directed 'Cinderella' at my children's elementary school.  The script was wonderful and the end result was fantastic!"
Caroline Hart, Teacher, Oxford, OH

 "This Cinderella is the right fit!  Kathryn Schultz Miller's children's theatre production breathes new life into this timeless tale.  The Community Players brought together 45 children for the production!"
Cattoosa County News, GA

"Young children love this play version of Cinderella!  You have a customer in me for as long as I am able to direct plays!"
Carol Ellingson, Teacher, Home Connections, Blaine, WA

"The ultimate Rags-to-Riches story, Cinderella is a tale of transformation and magic that has enchanted young and old for generations. We loved the comic bits!"
Drama Club, St. Dorothy School, Wilmington, MA

"We are a residential facility for adults with disabilities. We performed your 'Cinderella' last year and it was a hit!"
Baddour Center, Senatobia, MS

The Emperor's New Clothes

Script for Children, Kids, Students!  The Emperor's New Clothes! Large Cast Comedy Script for Kids to Perform!  The Emperor's New Clothes!

"We just had our performance of Emperor's New Clothes this past weekend.  It was a riot!  And the children had a blast doing it!
Tricia Oliver, ACT 2 Instructor, Auburn Area Community Theatre, Auburn, AL

"We were so thrilled with the play, Emperor's New Clothes, we can't wait to do another one of ArtReach's plays!"
Jennifer Kempton, Ida Home Educators Homeschool Association, Rexburg, ID

 "Actors for Children Theatre of Flatwoods KY would like to say THANK YOU to ArtReach Children's Theatre Plays for allowing us to produce 'The Emperor's New Clothes' in our inaugural tour in Spring 2013."
Sarah Diamond Burroway, ACT

"Emperor's New Clothes is the sort of hip, jazzy, irreverent show that could get students hooked on theater forever."
Nevada Theatre Company, Las Vegas, NV

"I worked with 11 3rd, 4th,and 5th graders.  With 8 (1 and a half hour) weekly rehearsals we pulled it together. The parents were very pleased with The Emperor's New Clothes and I was too. I will certainly be back to get our next script. Thank you!!!!!"
Tricia Oliver, ACT 2 Instructor, Auburn Area Community Theatre, Auburn, AL

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