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Rave Reviews for ArtReach
On this page: Pinocchio, Reluctant Dragon, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Treasure Island, Twas the Night Before Christmas, Velveteen Rabbit, We Are The Dream.

Large Cast Play for Children!  Snow White! Plays for Children to Perform - Pinocchio

"We have had huge successes the past two years with Peter Pan and Beauty and the Beast...we love your shows!  Keep them coming!"
Jan Plank, Director, Temple Beth Hillel Day School, Valley Village, CA

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you do!  We cast 1st through 5th grade students, in an inner-city school, all second language learners, and they loved it!  Your scripts are well-paced, clear, and fun for all."
Greg Tutt, Teacher, Buford Elementary, Lennox, CA

"Thank you for making theater do-able and affordable for kids."
Michelle McCormick, Stage Kids Children's Community Theatre, San Jose, CA


Plays for Children to Perform - Pinocchio Pinocchio School Play for Kids! School Play for Kids of All Ages!  Pinocchio! Pinocchio!

"Your scripts are simply THE BEST for kids! Pinocchio was great...
we got so many compliments...dreams came true!!!"
Sarah Ackerman-Hale, Broadway Review, Kansas City

"I produced the play 'Pinocchio' last year! The children thoroughly enjoyed it. Many thanks!"
Therese Dixon, Hunua Youth Theatre, Papakura, New Zealand

"We had 3rd, 4th and 5th graders in our Pinocchio!  Thank you very much for your work and allowing freedom with the scripts."
Scott Kohanek, Kenwood School, Minneapolis, MN

“Pinocchio has been so much fun,” said Director Kelly Gilson. “Lots of kids and energy make this a crowd pleaser. We have 32 in the cast and all of the kids -- and parents -- have been wonderful to work with."
Daily Corinthian - "Corinth Theatre Arts Presents Pinocchio", Corinth, MS

"It has been a total joy and blessing working on PINOCCHIO!  The kids are acting, building the sets, and working as running crew. They have really been involved in every part of the show, and are having a great time doing it!"
Jean Grewe, Young Footliters, Coralville Center for the Performing Arts, IA

The Reluctant Dragon

Train you Dragon Play for Kids! Widget trains his dragon - The Reluctant Dragon! Storyteller from The Reluctant Dragon

"Opening night was a big success for our lovable dragon!"
The Rose Children's Theatre, Eugene, OR

"The richly expressive prose of Kenneth Grahame continues to delight."
The Language Arts Review

"The telling is delightfully tongue-in-cheek. His star attraction is an imaginative animal and he makes this reluctant dragon live."
School Library Journal, starred review of The Reluctant Dragon

"I love working with the kids. To see them light up when they get on stage is the best feeling in the world."
Ariel Long, 15, Dragon, Rose Children's Theatre, Eugene, OR

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty!  School Play for Kids to Perform! Sleeping Beauty Play for Kids to Perform Musical Fairy Tale for Kids to Perform!

"We had a cast of 90 children for Sleeping Beauty!
Grades K-5th, we had over 700 people attend!
DeWayne Durr, Teacher, Piner Elementary, Morning View, KY

"Sleeping Beauty played to sold out crowds and the audiences absolutely LOVED the show!"
Mary Norwood, Elkhart Civic Theatre, Summer Theatre Camp, Bristol, IN

"Thank you for providing such an excellent script for Sleeping Beauty!  It was so easy even for two people with zero experience!"
DeWayne Durr, Teacher, Piner Elementary, Morning View, KY

"We had two fantastic performances of Sleeping Beauty with Standing Room Only audiences!"
Jennifer Black, Children's Theatre Company, Goderich, ON, Canada

"We are doing Sleeping Beauty! The parents and staff have always commented how wonderfully appropriate your plays are for the children. I am priviledged and honored to present them to our community. You have a fan in me!"
Jay Spoerl, Rosholt School District, WI

Snow White

Large Cast Children's School Plays - Snow White Snow White School Play for Kids! Large Cast Play for Children!  Snow White!

"My cast for Snow White this year was 30 students and we had a crowd of more than 150. It was the BEST!!"
Karen McCafferty, R.D. Wood Elementary School, Millville, NJ

"Thank you for writing this amazing play, Snow White!  It was a lot of fun to direct.  The daycare center I work for had a blast!"
Cody Bylsma, Club 4 Kids, Inc., Panama City, FL 

"What an incredible run of Snow White! We really had a wonderful experience!"
Columbia Children's Theatre, MA

"Last year we purchased and performed Snow White. It was a huge success!"
Nicole Oberdick, Educator, Norton, VA

"Ursuline students, presented “Snow White” to a packed auditorium! The lively performance showcased bright costumes and wonderful performances!"
Ursuline Academy, New Orleans, LA

Treasure Island

Young Pirates of the Caribbean!  Treasure Island! What can be more fun than playing pirates?  These kids love ArtReach's TREASURE ISLAND: YOUNG PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN! Treasure Island Musical for Kids!

"A wonderful adaptation of Stevenson's classic.  Many opportunities to challange more experienced actors while keeping it simple enough for inexperienced actors.  It worked tremendously well and was a huge success!"
Andrew Velishek, Child's Play Theatre Company, Montgomery, MN

"The Foster Park Elementary School Drama Club — which consists of fourth and fifth-graders — wowed audiences with Treasure Island. They really made it their own.”
T. J. Tyler, Foster Park Elementary School, Union, SC

"Our Day Campers performed Treasure Island: Young Pirates of the Caribbean! All ages participated and made it a great show! We loved the fun songs!"
Gilman Day Camps, Baltimore, MD

“We have thoroughly enjoyed working on TREASURE ISLAND! Our after-school students love your plays!  Thank you for all you do!”
Courtney Susman, Greenbrier Valley Theatre, WV

“Everyone has put their unique mark on this wonderful production of ‘Treasure Island'! From our audition day through dress rehearsal, the kids have made this their show!"
Jean Goad, Grand Rapids Players Summer Theatre Kids Camp, MN

"After a week long camp, the Children’s Glassworks Theater debuted Treasure Island: Young Pirates of the Caribbean!  The kids did a great job!"
Northshore, Cleveland, OH

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Children's Christmas Musical - Twas the Night Before Christmas Large Cast Christmas Musical for Kids - Twas the Night Before Christmas Twas the Night Before Christmas - Children's Christmas Musical! Musical Christmas Fun for Kids!

"Twas the Night Before Christmas is a fun-filled romp through a hear-warming tale of family love and playful friendship!"
The Pahrump Arts Council (PAC), Pahrump, NV

"We have just performed 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' and everyone said it was our best show yet!"
Karen Dixon, Hunua Elementary School, Papakura, New Zealand

"Our Christmas Play, "Twas the night before Christmas" was a success!  It was so cute and fun. The day was everything I had envisioned... great show, cookies/hot chocolate, beautiful church, and snow!  Thanks again!"
Maura T. Ridder, Mom's The Word, Denver, CO

"Twas the Night before Christmas is a delightful musical designed to give young performers an opportunity to learn the art of theater while gaining poise, confidence, friendships, a sense of teamwork and practical experience."
Little Starz Productions, O'Fallon, MO

"In 'Twas the Night before Christmas' the audience joins in to help conquer the Abominable Snowman, play reindeer games, dance, sing, giggle and yell to help Izzy and Rosie save Christmas!"
Lancaster Opera House, Buffalo, NY

The Velveteen Rabbit

Fun Comedy in the Velveteen Rabbit! Musical for the Holidays Large Cast Musical for Kids

"What a wild ride! The Velveteen Rabbit was such a fun way to end my second to last semester at Pace, and I couldn't have asked for a better experience."
Allie Marotta, PACE School, New York, NY

"The Velveteen Rabbit afforded our students the opportunity to bring the many sweet, vivacious characters of the story to life using their unique talents and personalities. Toys, animals, humans, and even a magical fairy are all a part of this whimsical holiday tale."
Mary Joy Nelson, Executive Director, InnOVATION Arts Academy, Lexington, KY

"The message is that growing up is not an end but a hopeful beginning, full of promise. Our students had so much fun bringing this charming story to life!"
Mary Joy Nelson, Executive Director, InnOVATION Arts Academy, Lexington, KY

"The fanciful story of the Velveteen Rabbit continues to resonate. It offers reading to be savored by viewers and listeners of many ages."
Margaret Bush, Simmons College, Boston (School Library Journal), MA

"Once you are real you can't become unreal again.  It lasts for always."
Margery Williams, The Velveteen Rabbit

"Our students had so much fun!"
Students perform Christmas Musical
Wolf Creek Collective, Cape Coral FL

We Are The Dream

MLK Play for Kids to Perform!  We Are the Dream! I Have a Dream Play for Schools to Perform! Children's Musicals - We Are The Dream: Martin Luther King

"We Are The Dream touched this community like no other event I’ve been part of.  UNBELIEVABLE!"
Marianne Carruth, Tryon Fine Arts Center, Tryon, NC

"Many people tell me that "We Are the Dream" is the best play they've ever seen at their school.  I had as few as 16 students in one production, and as many as 42 in another.  It's a great show.  Thank you!"
Brady McKay Williams, Drama Teacher, Sacramento, CA

"The premiere of a revolutionary play went down like a dream with its audience last week. We are the Dream was performed by youngsters at Woodberry Down Primary School."
Hackney Gazette, London, United Kingdom

"This show is not about rehearsal, not about perfection.  It's about faith and love and the message of Dr. King.  This dream is for all of us.  We are the dream."
Director Marianne Carruth, Tryon Fine Arts Center, NC

"The children knew what this was all about and knew
how to get the key messages across.  It was absolutely fantastic!"
Woodberry Down Community Primary School, United Kingdom

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