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Rave Reviews for ArtReach
On this page: Jack and the Beanstalk, Jungle Book, Kid Frankenstein, Little Mermaid, Mulan, Nutcracker Prince, Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Peter Pan.

Musical - Jack and the Beanstalk Kid Frankenstein - Frankenstein for Kids Kids Love the Comedy in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow!

"Thanks for offering such fun, great, play options for schools/companies with a very low budget! We are so excited!"
Heather Begay, Connect Theatre Arts, Warr Acres, OK

"We've done Beauty and Beast, Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz and Cinderella.  All were excellent.  It's all about having fun in rehearsal.  The end product is always top!"
Vera Mijodragvic, Rainbow School, Novi Sad, Serbia

"The quality of the soundtrack music was excellent.  We were able to involve all types of students and it boosted their confidence and speaking skills."
Happy Days School, Kathamill Colony, Shivpuri, India

Jack and the Beanstalk

 Little Kids become Giants! Tale Tellers and Music Makers Cow Boo Boo in ArtReach's Jack Musical

"If you like adventure, magic, and watching brave deeds overcome giant obstacles, you're in for a grand treat!"
Nancy Eddy, Artistic Director, Children's Museum of Indianapolis, IN

"I absolutely love how you write the scripts. They are perfect for many different ages. We did Jack and the Beanstalk last year as the center of the Summer Theatre Camp. The audience loved being involved and seeing their kids flourish within the script. The script was a burst of encouragement as my friend and I stepped into the adventure of directing."
Christianna Marcy, Loomis Elementary School, NE

"We had 2 sold-out shows for Jack and the Beanstalk!"
Branson Arts Council, Branson, MO

"Jack and the Beanstalk was delightful! The end result was happy teachers, entertained youngsters and a sizable profit for our box office!"
The Hemmens Cultural Center, Elgin, IL

"My theater company just did your Jack and the Beanstalk script for our musical summer camp, and it was amazing. Funny script, easy to do, and it delighted kids and parents.  Thanks again, and I look forward to doing more of your scripts!"
Lynne Childress, Building Better People Annapolis, MD

“Our after-school students love your plays.  Thank you for all you do!”
Courtney Susman, Greenbrier Valley Theatre, Lewisburg, WV

"Jack and the Beanstalk was a thoroughly delightful children's play and geared perfectly to our primary school body."
Winton Place School, Cincinnati, OH

"Kathryn Schultz Miller, a veteran writer of children’s plays, wrote the script, which is specially suited to the very youngest of audiences!  Jack and the Beanstalk employs all the devices of spectacle, sound and color that captures youthful attention!"
David Jacobson, Life Newspapers, Eldorado Hills, CA

The Jungle Book

Facepainting for Costumes!  Baloo helps Mowgli in The Jungle Book Queen of the Monkey-People

"I LOVE your version of The Jungle Book.  I have looked at 5 different versions and yours is the best!  I love the fact that there is the focus on Community and that there is such flexibility as far as roles.  We have done the Disney Jungle Book but that doesn't have the heart that yours has."
Diana Guhin Wooley, LAMB Arts Ltd, Sioux City, IA

"We had a wonderful, wonderful run with The Jungle Book!  A virtual sell out with everyone saying how fantastic it was!  The cast had a ball & I am one very, very happy director."
Sheena Liveridge, Horncastle Theatre, United Kingdom

"I loved the new script, The Jungle Book!  Very well done.  I love your scripts!"
Zach Hodge, Peru Elementary School, Dixfield, ME

"Students prepared for this drama during a theater camp conducted in school. It was an enthralling performance which mesmerized the audience!"
Fountainhead School, Surat, India

ArtReach's The Jungle Book includes all the characters you and your children know and love:  Silly and lovable Baloo, funny Ikki the Porcupine, Mowgli's Cub-Brothers, Hathi the Elephant, flying Monkey-People and many more.  The Jungle-People are the Storytellers, keeping this adventure fast-paced and fun!

Kid Frankenstein

Frankenstein is appropriate for kids! Frankenstein Play for for Halloween! Kid Scientists love 'Kid Frankenstein'! Kid Frankenstein Play for Kids to Perform

"I pick ArtReach Children's Plays once again for our next performance. The reason I pick ArtReach is because they really try to feature every actor in the show with allotting lines to every character.  Each child has a chance to deliver some lines, hence helping each child grow in confidence in the art of performing.  ArtReach shows are concise, and can be performed in less than an hour.  This show is creative, and extra fun for the audience!"
 Clara Stark, Director, Let Your Light Shine Youth Theatre, Columbia MO

"Kid Frankenstein" was, as always, a great script. We've used your plays over the years and always enjoy them so much. We love how easily your scripts come together in a way that is both fun and effective.  Thanks for being awesome!"
Andie Fischer, Pretty River Academy, Collingwood, ON, Canada

"I purchased the perusal script for Kid Frankenstein.  I loved it!"
Michael Doody, Hilda Walker Intermediate School, Tinley Park, IL

"Kid Frankenstein" is a funny, charming story about Frankie, a young scientist, and Irving (aka Igor), her long suffering friend. Frankie receives a mysterious book called "How I did it" by Doctor Frankenstein, and so begins her quest to create life. She thinks she has put the brain of a recently deceased brilliant monkey into her creature, but has she?"
James Strath Public School, Peterborough, ON, Canada

"Crazy am I? We'll see if I'm crazy or not!" - Mad Scientist Frankie Stein in ArtReach's newest play 'Kid Frankenstein'!
Youth Summer Theatre Program, Grand Rapids, MN

Finally!  Frankenstein is Kid-Friendly!
Teachers, this script is a fun and hilarious play for your students! School kids are storytellers who keep the action moving.  Your kids will love to play these zany characters!

The Legend of Mulan

New Kids play The Legend of Mulan Ancestors tell the Story in Mulan

"We had a wonderfully successful production of The Legend of Mulan! Dedicated and happy cast and crew, proud director, administration and parents, and enthusiastic audiences."
Caitlin Barton, Theater Teacher, PS 295, Brooklyn, NY

"This will be our 4th play through ArtReach. We love them!"
Jill Ison Helper Middle School, Price, UT

"Mulan serves as a model, encouraging us to grow up and achieve any occupation we desire - regardless of gender. Come and experience the culture of ancient China with us and you might even be asked to join the cast on stage!"
Island School, HI

"Mulan inspires us to be the best we can be."
Fostertown Elementary Magnet School, Newburgh, NY

“Mulan is finding her purpose in life and finding out who she really is.”
Eva Hadley, who plays the main character, Island School, HI

"This play is about the fearless effort of a young woman to save her father from being drafted into the army. She inspires us to be the best we can be through her honesty, bravery and tenacity. She knows it doesn't matter if she is a boy or a girl - she just wants to leave the world a better place, a mark of a true hero!"
Audrey Hummel, Lansing Middle School, MI

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Kids Love the Comedy in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow! The Legend of Sleepy Hollow!  Great Play for Middle Schools! The Ride of the Headless Horseman!  The Legend of Sleepy Hollow!

"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow was a delightful show that packed the house. Enjoyed by children of all ages!"
Sheila Freudenberger, Orange Curtain, San Juan Capistrano, CA

"This show is a perfect Halloween treat!"
Topeka Civic Theatre and Academy, Topeka, KS

"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow has been very successful. Probably one of the most popular productions we ever had here in our Youth Theatre!"
Joe Lauderdale, The Laguna Playhouse, CA

"Pedro Menendez High School's production of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, is a wonderfully spooky story filled with thrills, chills and laughs!"
 High School Halloween Production, St. Augustine Record, FL

"I think the audience is going to like this play very much," says fifth grade actor Morgan Werder. "It's very interactive and has something for everybody - rivalry, love, suspense and, of course, the Headless Horseman!"
Fairlands Elementary, Armador Theatre, Pleasanton, CA

The Little Mermaid

Great Musical for Middle Schools!  The Little Mermaid! The Little Mermaid - Musical for Kids to Perform! Large Cast Musical for Kids to Perform!  The Little Mermaid! Just for Kids!  The Little Mermaid!

"The Little Mermaid is the third play of yours we have produced!  Each play has been a treasure."
Laree Ott, Drama Teacher, St. Anthony Middle School, Kailua, Hawaii

"We had so much fun with The Little Mermaid and what makes it extra special is the CD with sound effects and songs!"
Jennifer Black, Director, Children's Theatre Company, Goderich, Ontario

"We just finished performing The Little Mermaid, and I must say that was another amazing play you have written!"
Mary Ellen Herder, Take A Bow Productions, Chatham, Ontario

"I downloaded The Little Mermaid and fell in love with it!  We
will be doing 4 performances. I love your approach to your plays!"
Scott Nelson, Drama Teacher, O'Gorman High School, Sioux Falls, SD

"Philippe (the French chef) brought down the house!  The sailors were loved. And Aruba and Finny stole the show. The Reverend Gumbo made our own priest laugh!"
Keith Wagner, Saint Paul School, Leesburg, FL

The Nutcracker Prince

Nutcracker play script for kids to perform! Famous Nutcracker story for children to perform! Kids Perform Nutcracker Classic

"I loved working with your play The Nutcracker Prince. It was fabulous to have so much of the legwork done for me - sound clips, etc. Thank you!"
Jill Ison, Helper Middle School, Language Arts Teacher, Helper, UT

"Thank you for your wonderful scripts and musicals. The script  was wonderful and the end result was fantastic!"
Caroline Hart, Teacher, Oxford, OH

"ArtReach is a great source for material for teachers.  Accessible clever theatre for all kinds of kids!"
Karin A. Stratton, Pike High School, Indianapolis, IN

"It was so easy to work with the children's script and adapt it to my students needs."
 Sherri Alejandro, Teacher, Carden El Encanto School, Santa Cruz, CA

On Christmas Day, Clara awakens to the real world - her glorious dream has passed.  Yet she has learned a wonderful lesson about Christmas love and joy.  ArtReach's lovely holiday play is deeply moving with a very happy ending.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan is Adapted Just for Kids! School Play for Children to Perform - Peter Pan Peter Pan for Kids to Perform! 

"Peter Pan was a hit!  The kids and parents loved the show and we love your plays!" 
Sally Oelzen, Music and Drama Coordinator, Team Activities for Special Kids (TASK), St. Louis

"Peter Pan was delightful!  It was like a professional production!  I love your company!  ArtReach will be the first website I explore when looking for youth plays.  The audience loved it!"
Russell Wittala, Willapa Players South Bend, WA

 "We just finished our presentation of your children's play Peter Pan, and it was a HUGE success! My principal has asked me if my students would perform the play one more time!"
Allison Sands, Stevens Brook Elem School, Bridgton, ME

"Thank you for writing such a wonderful children's script! We have a cast of 82 fifth grade students in Peter Pan!  We added music and choreography to the show."
Higginsville Theatre Company Youth Academy, Higginsville, MO

"We doubled the roles of the lost children and stars. We have 15 chorus Indians, and 10 chorus pirates.  All of our students are excited about this great Peter Pan play and we know it will be a great success!"
Nicole Schmitt, Director/Teacher, Gayhead Elementary, Hopwell Junction, NY

"I ordered the children's play Peter Pan for my church's
camp play production.  It was incredible! The parents enjoyed it and the children loved doing it!"
Dea Goodson Jackson, Worship Leader, Prayer Chapel Church, Upper Darby, PA

"Our Peter Pan performances are coming up and we're getting so excited!  Our Crocodile (and your suggested croc music) is going to be the hit of the show!"
Sarah Ackerman-Hale, Broadway Review, Spring Hill, KS

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