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ArtReach's 'Alice in Christmas Land' is hilarious musical fun for kids, schools and families! 

Six Alices in Alice in Christmas Land! 

Children's Theatre Scripts and Plays! "Alice in Wonderland was a big hit for us!" 

Brandon Thomsen, Quincy Community Theatre, IL

 It's Christmas in Wonderland!

 Children's Theatre Scripts and Plays! "Our community theater performed Alice in Wonderland.  It was great fun and a huge hit.
The children are already asking what play we are planning next.  We will definitely use ArtReach Plays again!"

Pantotoc Community Theatre, MS

 The Cheshire Cat gets dressed up for Christmas!

Plays for Schools, Teachers and Students!Alice in Christmas Land is easy for you to direct and your young cast to rehearse and perform.

 Caterpillar's mushroom is a cupcake in Alice in Christmas Land!

Children's Theatre Scripts and Plays! Instead of a Wonderland mushroom, Alice discovers a Christmas cupcake.

 The cards are tree decorators in Alice in Christmas Land!

School Scripts and Plays! "We had about 25 speaking parts and 35 ensemble parts! We will continue to come to you for all our children's plays."

Karen Dougherty & Nancy Lockhart, Jackson School Lawrenceville, GA

 ArtReach's Musical: Alice in Christmas Land!

Children's Theatre Scripts and Plays! Teachers, this School Play Version of Alice in Christmas Land is written just for you and your students. Six Alices make it possible more girls (and boys!) to play the lead role.  No crying about who gets to be the "star".

 Tweedledum and Tweedledee in Alice in Christmas Land

School Scripts and Plays! Tweedlesum and Tweedledee are a delight as they lead Alice on a flight above Christmas Land, where they see the Christmas Story come to life.

Carroll's Classic for Kids to Perform at Christmas!

Children's Theatre Scripts and Plays! ArtReach's School Play Version, of Alice in Wonderland requires no professional experience in theatre. It is written in simple terms with lots of practical suggestions.

Children's Scripts and Plays for Kids to Perform! "Our Club includes 3rd through 5th graders.  We love your scripts!"

Jennifer Sypert,  Mesquite, Texas


Alice in Christmas Land
 Christmas Musical Play for Kids to Perform

Lewis Carroll's Children's Classic is a Fun Musical Script
FULL DOWNLOAD - Entire School Play Package with Soundtrack Audio Files

Alice in Christmas Land!  A New Musical!
  Christmas Musical for Kids!  Alice in Christmas Land!  Musical for Christmas!  Based on Alice in Wonderland!
ArtReach's New Christmas Musical is here! 

All your favorite characters are here!  White Rabbit, Tweedledum & Tweedledee, Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter and 6 (count 'em 6!) Alices.  Alice in Christmas Land features a large cast, hilarious comedy, audience participation and fun, easy Christmas songs for kids.

Children's Theatre Scripts and Plays! Crazy Holiday & Merry Christmas to All Children's Theatre Scripts and Plays!
Alice in Wonderland is a Christmas Musical Large Cast Christmas Musical for kids to perform!
Karapiro School, Cambridge, New Zealand

If you thought Wonderland was curious wait until you visit Christmas Land!  Lewis Carroll's beloved classic is adapted with an exciting Christmas twist.  Familiar Christmas tunes become wonderfully surprising and hilarious holiday fun.

Schol Play Packages for Teachers! Affordable School Play Package! Script, Teachers Guide, CD and License Included!


Order This Play!

Plays for Schools, Teachers and Students! Alice Teaches Wonderland Love & Kindness Plays for Schools, Teachers and Students!
Christmas Land is Wonderland of Fun! Caterpillar is a fun character in Alice in Christmas Land!
Valley View Elem School, Sierra Vista, AZ

The script follows Carroll's story as you know it, infused with holiday fun entertainment: everyone is getting ready for Christmas.  The Mad Hatter has a silly tree decorating party, the Cheshire Cat can't understand why her stripes are green and red and the Queen of Hearts hasn't an ounce of holiday spirit.

Kids Love ArtReach's School Plays! Easy to Memorize & Have Holiday Fun Plays for Schools to Perform!
ArtReach's Alice in Christmas Land is fun for all! Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee!
Brandenburg Elementary School, Irving TX - Lower Lake High School, CA

Curious new lyrics are set to familiar Christmas tunes:  Joy to the World, Deck the Halls, We Wish You a Merry Christmas and God Bless Ye Merry Gentlemen.  Perfect for a school of many faiths to celebrate the joys of the holiday together.  The audience sings with the crazy cast of characters.

Children's Theatre Scripts and Plays! Christmas Land is Full of Laughs & Songs Children's Theatre Scripts and Plays! Creative staging makes Alice in Christmas Land easy for schools! Perfect Alice in Christmas Land for kids!
Golfshore Playhouse, FL - Brandenburg Elementary School, Irving, TX

The Queen of Hearts says: "Off with their heads!"  But Alice knows the heart is most important symbol of all.  And what is Christmas and Holiday spirit all about anyway?  Love and kindness.  At last, Alice convinces the Queen that if she uses her heart, she will be the greatest Queen of all! 

Plays for Schools and Theatres! Large Cast Script Includes Everyone
Alice in Christmas Land a Musical for Kids!
Lower Lake High School, Lower Lake CA

"We love your easy to use scripts and short lines for kids to memorize!"
Julie Echelmeier, Higginsville Theatre Company, Youth Theatre Academy

Schol Play Packages for Teachers! Affordable School Play Package! Script, Teachers Guide, CD and License Included!


Order This Play!

The School Play Package gives you the rights to adapt the play to your needs.  Add songs, lines, characters.  You may also make a Video/DVD of your special performance.

Scripts and Plays for Teachers to Direct! Written Just for Teachers & Students Easy School Plays for Primary Students!
School Plays! - Alice in Christmas Land! Christmas Musical for Kids to Perform!
Pinecrest Elementary School Drama Club, Van Nuys, CA

Just for Kids: Speeches and vocabulary are appropriate for child performers ages 6 - 12.

A Flexible Cast of 24 or more students: (Doubling and extras possible.) Every role has a name and at least three spoken lines.

About 40-45 minutes long: Long enough to be a substantial project and short enough to accommodate your teaching schedule.

Alice can be played by up to 6 children to ensure that not one child is the "star".  Don't hesitate to cast a boy as "Allen". 

Easy costumes and scenery: Many suggestions on how to create or find what you need to make a great looking production without breaking your budget.

Alice in Wonderland Play for Kids! Casting Option: The script allows for six Alices
giving more girls the chance to play their favorite part.

Schol Play Packages for Teachers! Affordable School Play Package! Script, Teachers Guide, CD and License Included!


Order This Play!

There are 3 Other Versions of Alice in Wonderland from ArtReach!
School Play Version
Recommended for Elementary, Primary Schools and Middle Schools.
Flexible Cast of 22 (14 male, 8 female)
Touring Version:
Recommended for Adult Actors, Theatres, Touring to Schools.
Cast of 3 (2 male, 1 female)
Medium Version:
Recommended for Middle Schools, High Schools, Teens.
Flexible Cast of 9 (5 male, 4 female)

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